Please be Careful in Examining Carpet Consignments for Exports, says DBK Officer

[CBEC Circular No. 10 dated 30th March 2017]

Subject: Export of carpet under duty drawback – examination of carpets for composition, price determination, etc.

Attention is invited to Board’s Circular no. 69/2000-Cus dated 28.8.2000 providing that for fool-proof and expeditious examination and speedier disbursal of drawback on carpets, the field formations may constitute expert panels consisting of textile experts drawn from the Department and from the Export Promotion Council/Trade. In this connection, Directorate General of Export Promotion (DGEP) vide instruction no. DGEP/SEZ/40/2015 dated 16.10.15 had stressed that market enquiry should be completed by field formations within fifteen days failing which export benefits to the exporters should be released. It was also desired that post-facto action may be taken based on results of enquiry and export benefits be held beyond 15 days only with the written approval of the Commissioner. In any case exports should not be stopped in terms of Board’s Circular no. 1/2011-Cus dated 4.1.2011. DGEP vide letter F.No. DGEP/SEZ/40/2015 dated 21.1.2016 (copy enclosed) had also provided a list of members of Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) whose assistance can be taken when Customs officials are unable to ascertain the exact composition and actual value of the carpets.

2.  It has been brought to the notice of Board by Ministry of Textiles and CEPC that in some cases, Customs field formations had caused damage to the carpets during examination/ inspection of export consignments. This has resulted in loss of export order as well as financial loss to exporters.

3.  In this context, care must be taken to ensure that export products including carpets should not be damaged or destroyed or cut for taking samples, conducting market enquiry or otherwise.

4.  Further, for speedy conduct of enquiry about composition, value, of carpets, besides the nominated members of CEPC, office of Textiles Committee, Mumbai may be contacted where two experts have been posted by the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) for attending to all work related to evaluation of carpets and to sort out the cases being referred to the Textiles Committee, Mumbai by the Customs authorities.

5.  Suitable Public Notice and Standing Order should be issued for guidance of the trade and Any difficulty faced should be intimated to the Board.

F.No. 609/24/2017-DBK

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