Empowering the Principal Commissioner with the Powers of Chief Commissioner

[Customs Notification No. 10 (Non Tariff) dated 8th February 2017]

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 5 of the Customs Act, 1962 (52 of 1962), the Central Board of Excise and Customs hereby invests in the officers specified in column (1) of the Table below, the powers of the Customs Officer of the rank specified in column (2) of the said Table, in the jurisdiction specified in Notification No. 77/2014-Customs (N.T.), dated the 16th September, 2014 published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary Part-II, Section 3, Sub Section(i), vide G.S.R. 654 (E), dated the 16th September, 2014, namely:-


Customs Officer

Rank of the Customs Officer whose powers is to be exercised



The Principal Commissioner who has been given the additional charge of Chief Commissioner vide Office Order of the Central Board of Excise and Customs No. 123/2016 dated the 17th October, 2016.

The Chief Commissioner.

[F.No. 390/Review/36/2014-JC]