Water Melon Seeds Import Shifted to Free from Restricted List till 30 Sept 2022

         Imports Restricted to Kandla and Mundra Port only

         Policy Condition 4 - Import permitted for sowing without a licence subject to the new Policy on Seed Development, 1988 and in accordance with import permit granted under Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Imports into India) Order, 2003.

[DGFT Notification No. 13 /2015-2020 dated 21 June 2022]

Effect of this Notification: Import of Water Melon Seeds falling under ITC (HS) code 1207 70 90 is 'Free' till 30.09.2022. Given import shall be allowed from Kandla (INIXY1) and Mundra (INMUN1) Ports only.

Subject: - Amendment in Import Policy Condition of Water Melon Seeds under ITC(IIS) Code 1207 70 90 of Chapter-12 of ITC (HS), 2022, Schedule-I (Import Policy)

S.O. (E): In exercise of powers conferred by Section 3 and section 5 of FT(D&R) Act, 1992, read with paragraph 1.02 and 2.01 of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-2020, as amended from time to time, the Central Government hereby amends the policy condition under ITC (HS) 1207 70 90 of Chapter 12 of ITC (HS) 2022, Schedule 1 (Import Policy) as under:

ITC(HS) Code


Existing Import Policy

Revised Import Policy

Existing Policy Condition

Revised Policy Condition


Melon Seeds - Other



Imports subject to Policy Condition (4) of the Chapter.

i.      Imports subject to Policy Condition (4) of the Chapter.

ii.     Import Policy of Water Melon Seeds is "Free" till 30.09.2022

iii.    Shipments of Water Melon Seeds made by 30.09.2022 from the exporting countries may be allowed for clearance at Indian Customs port, provided that Bill of Entry is filed and such goods are handed over to the Customs authority for examination by 31.10.2022

iv.   The imports of Water Melon Seeds shall be permitted from Kandla (INIXY1) and Mundra (INMUN1) Ports only.

[File No. 01/89/180/14/AM21/PC-2(A)/E-28288]