Refund Procedure for Application Fee for Pulses Licences

[DGFT Trade Notice 17/2021-22 dated 14 September 20921]

Subject: Procedure for refund of application fees deposited by applicants for Restricted Import Authorisation of Pulses for the period 2021-22.

Reference is invited to Ministry of Commerce & Industry Notification S.O.1266 (E) dated 19.03.2021 allowing import of 1.5 Lakh MT of Moong and 4 Lakh MT of Tur during the fiscal year 2021-22 and Notification S.O.1372 (E) dated 26.03.2021 allowing import of 4 Lakh MT of Urad during the fiscal year 2021-22 and Directorate General of Foreign Trade Public Notice No. 47/2015-20 dated 30.03.2021 laying down the procedures/ modalities regarding the above notifications.

2. Subsequently, Ministry of Commerce & Industry vide Notification S.O.1858 (E) dated 15.05.2021 revised Import policy for Tur /Pigeon Peas (Cajanus Cajan); Moong [Beans of the SPP Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilczek] and Urad [Beans of the SPP Vigna Mungo (L.) Hepper] from Restricted to Free with immediate effect and for the period up to 31st October 2021. In light of the same, applicants who applied for the Restricted import Authorisation for Moong, Tur and Urad for period 2021-22 as per the previous Notifications may choose to apply for refund of application fees, according to the procedural steps laid below. Applicants are requested to keep their DGFT website ( login credentials, their e-sign or Digital Signature Certificate ready while applying for refund request.

3. Steps in regard to the refund process are submitted as follows for suitable guidance -

i. Applicants are requested to withdraw their restricted import authorisation application after logging onto the DGFT Website My dashboard Submitted Applications Mention File No. /Application No. Action Withdraw.

ii. After withdrawal of application, request for refund is to be made at the DGFT Website Services e-Miscellaneous Payment Service Apply for Refund.

iii. The file number of the restricted import authorisation application is required while applying for refund request. A validated bank account in the name of the IEC holder is required to be mentioned in the refund application.

4. For any additional assistance, the Help Document may be referred to on the DGFT Website Learn Application Help & FAQs Refund Scheme Refund help Document. This issues with approval of the Competent Authority.

[Issued from File no.M-5012/300/2002/PC-2[A]/Part-I./E-5168]