One Lakh MT of Maize (Feed Grade) under TRQ Distributed Amongst MMTC and NAFED Equally

[DGFT Trade Notice No. 18/2019-20 dated 14 June 2019]

Subject: Imports of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2019-20.

Reference is invited to Trade Notice No.2 dated 03.04.2019 wherein applications were invited from STEs for import of feed grade Maize (corn) under the TRQ scheme @15% Customs duty and meant only for poultry firms on actual user basis for the financial year 2019-20.

2. In response to the Trade Notice No.2 dated 03.04.2019, MMTC had submitted application for a total quantity of 1 Lakh MT and NAFED, for a total quantity of 1.10 Lakh MT.

3. Accordingly, it has been decided that the quota of 1 Lakh MT may be distributed amongst the MMTC and NAFED equally. Therefore, MMTC and NAFED are allocated 50,000 MT each of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2019-20, subject to the conditions mentioned in Trade Notice no.02 dated 03.04.2019 and these imports should only take place with 'actual user condition' so that the poultry farms are only allowed to import with the concessional duty and others don't derive benefit out of this measure.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

[Issued from F. No. 01/89/180/Misc-66/AM-06/PC-2[A]/[P-13874]