Two FTDO Led Team to Carry Out Physical Verification of IE Code

[DGFT Policy Circular No. 25 dated 22nd February 2010]

Subject: Amendment in Policy Circular No. 94 dated 16.6.2009 Verification of new IEC.

It has been decided to amend para 2 of the above Policy Circular:

2. The physical verification shall be carried out by a team of two officials which shall be led by an officer not below the rank of FTDO. However in exceptional circumstances, and with specific orders of the HOO in RAs a two member team comprising of one FTDO/ Section Head/ LA and one UDC/ Senior LDC may carry out inspection of new IEC numbers, as required in the para (1) of the Policy Circular No. 94 dated 16.6.2009.

3. This issues with the approval of DGFT.