DGFT Reorganises Regional Offices

[DGFT Trade Notice No. 31/2019-2020 dated 06.09.2019]

Subject: Reorganisation of Regional Authorities of DGFT

Various IT initiatives have been taken in DGFT in the recent past leading to automatic issue of paperless MEIS, automatic issuance of IEC, paperless issuance of Advance Authorisation and EPCG Authorisations, etc. It has also led to substantial reduction of work in the relatively smaller regional authority offices. Physical interactions have been minimised for improving ease of doing business.

2. With a view to improve and equip the bigger regional authorities of DGFT with sufficient human resources and better infrastructure to cater to the exporter community, instructions have been issued reorganising the regional authorities of DGFT by merging the smaller Regional Authorities with the relatively bigger RAs (Annex-I :O&M No. 7/2019 dated 05.09.2019)

3. In order to enable smooth transition and assist exporters of old RAs, the new RA will designate one officer from within the RA and assign the responsibility of monitoring the disposal of applications, queries, emails, contact@dgft (as the link officers), litigation, grievances from exporters of old RAs.

4. It is further clarified that:

(i) Exporters belonging to old RAs can file all applications online at the old RAs jurisdiction till 09.2019 (2 PM). No application will be accepted from exporters from old RAs on 14.09.2019 and 15.09.2019 as the servers will be updated.

(ii) From 09.2019, all applications by the exporters belonging to old RAs will be filed online at the new jurisdictional RA.

(iii) Exporters will continue to file applications for amendment of authorisations, EODC/Redemption of old applications at the old RA till 30.10.2019.

(iv) All old applications including the files where responses to D/Ls have to be sent by the exporting firms will be dealt in the old RA till 10.2019.

(v) From 11.2019, all activities of the old RA will be taken over by the new RA including old applications and requests and the old RA will cease to be operational.

5. Exporters under the jurisdiction of old RAs will continue to use earlier RA email-ids ( Ex. Dehradun-dgft@nic.in for old Dehradun RA) and contact@dgft for raising queries, grievances etc. From 16.09.2019, it will be the responsibility of the new RA to respond to all the queries received through email/contact@dgft (whether for new applications or earlier filed requests) in assistance with the old RA. New Jurisdictional RAs must continuously monitor transition issues and ensure that smaller merged RAs and the exporters from the old RA jurisdiction get focussed attention, outreach and trade facilitation.

(Issued from File Number 01/69/12/33/2018- O&M)

[Click here for O&M Instruction No. 07/2019 dated 05.09.2019]