DGFT Places Six Pharma SION under Sunset Review

[DGFT Public Notice No. 43 dated 16th December 2013]

In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-2014 and in pursuance to para 4.10.1 of HBP vol.1, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby notifies the following SIONs pertaining to product group “Chemicals& Allied Products”:-

(i)   SION A-84

(ii)  SION A-197

(iii) SION A-2287

(iv) SION A-2476

(v)  SION A-2583

(vi) SION A-3139

[Click here for SION List]

2.    For a quick reference para 4.10.1 of HBP vol.1 is extracted below:-

“NC may identify SIONs which in its opinion are required to be reviewed. Exporters are required to submit revised data in ANF 4B for such revision. It is mandatory for industry /exporter(s) to provide production and consumption data etc. as may be required by DGFT / EPC for revision of SION. Otherwise, applicant shall not be allowed to take benefit of Advance Authorisation scheme.”

3.    Manufacturers of export products covered under above SIONs and the concerned Export Promotion Councils should submit production and consumption data as soon as possible but not later than Friday, the 31st January, 2014 so that such a review is taken up. Failure to provide the data, so required by the date so specified would result in stoppage of the benefit of Advance Authorisation / DFIA for export products covered by these SIONs.

4.   Effect of this Public Notice

SIONs mentioned in para 1 above are to be reviewed. Necessary data is required to be provided by 31.01.2014.