Washing of Imported Scrap in SEZ is Ok

[Instruction No. 48 – No. C-6/10/2009-SEZ dated 10th March 2010]

Sub: Employment of washing process in the manufacture of agglomerates etc from imported plastic waste and scrap –reg.

I am directed to refer to your letter No. KASEZ/IA-1690/97/Vol.,I dated 24.11.2009 and letter No.KASEZ/IA/G-64/98/Vol.I dated 22.02.2010 on the above subject and to say that the views of the Department are as follows.

The imported scrap is tested to meet the eligibility requirements. Hence, washing process has no bearing on the eligibility of scrap and unit can use such processes to remove impurities which may get added to the scrap during its collection and transportation and washing is a permissible activity. However, the washing process must meet the State Pollution Control Board’s standards.