Board’s Permission Required for Meetings with Representatives of Foreign Missions

[CBEC Circular dated 19th April 2017]

Sub: Meeting with representatives of Foreign Missions

I am directed to invite attention to the captioned subject and state that instances have come to the notice of the Board that various field formations and Directorates have been entertaining meetings and discussions with diplomats and representatives of foreign missions without the knowledge of the Board. Instances of sharing of policy and legal matters with foreign dignitaries have also come to the notice of the Board.

2.  All field formations and Directorates are advised to refrain from directly entertaining meetings with representatives of the foreign missions to discuss policy/legal matters without the prior approval of the Board. Appointments sought by members of the foreign missions with officers of the field formations to discuss matters pertaining to clearances of individual consignments (foodstuffs, vehicles, diplomatic baggage etc) should be granted with the prior permission of the jurisdictional Chief Commissioner.

3.  Approvals for meetings with representatives of the foreign missions for which Board's permission is required may be addressed to the Director, International Customs Division or Senior Technical Officer, International Customs Division.