DGAD Clarification on PUC of Aluminium Radiators from China Investigation Notification

[File No. 14/24/2015-DGAD dated 16th March 2016]

Sub: Clarification under Initiation Notification concerning imports of Aluminium Radiators, etc. originating in or exported from China.

With reference to Initiation Notification No.14/24/2015/DGAD dated 1st January, 2016 concerning imports of “Aluminium Radiators, Aluminium Radiator Sub-Assemblies and Aluminium Radiator Core, including in CKD or SKD conditions, for use in used/on road vehicles and generator sets, excluding aluminium radiators meant for use in new automobiles originating in or exported from China”, requests were received from the interested parties, seeking clarity on the scope of the Product Under Consideration. The matter has been examined and it has been decided by the Designated Authority to clarify the matter further in continuation of the said initiation notification, as below:

A. The following items imported for use in Used/On Road Automobiles and Gen Sets are covered within the scope of PUC for the purposes of this investigation:

(a) Aluminium Radiator Cores;

(b) Aluminium Radiators; Complete and/or in completely knocked or semi-knocked down condition;

(c) Aluminium Radiator attached with other parts such as, oil cooler, air cooler, condenser, compressor, fan motors etc.

B. Aluminium Radiators, Radiator core, Aluminium Radiator attached with an assembly or a subassembly in any combination, mentioned above, when imported by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (such as Automobile Manufacturer and Gen Set Manufacturer) are not covered within the scope of PUC for the purposes of this investigation and proposed measures.

2. All the interested parties are hereby requested to give necessary information accordingly. Designated Authority has decided to give additional three weeks’ time to all the interested parties to furnish information from the date of issue of this clarification.