DGTR Issues Clarification for PCN Codes for Nylon Multi Filament Yarn Anti-dumping Investigation Case

[F. No. 6/11/2019 -DGTR dated 9 August 2019]

Subject: Clarification- PCN in the matter of Anti-Dumping Duty investigation relating to Nylon Multi Filament Yarn from China PR, Korea RP, Taiwan and Thailand.

This has reference to the anti-dumping investigation initiated by this Directorate vide Initiation Notification No. 6/11 /2019 -DGTR dated 28th June, 2019, regarding above referred subject.

2. It has been decided by the Authority, to adopt the following PCN in the case:






Flat Yarn/Crimped Yarn


The first single digit in the PCN should denote the type of Flat Yarn as "F" or Crimped Yarn as "C"


Partially Oriented yarn/Fully Drawn Yarn


These two digits in the PCN should denote the type of Yarn:




Partially Oriented: "PO''




Fully Drawn: "FD"




Next digit in the PCN will denote the Denier Range as follows:




A)Yarn of Denier Exceeding 010 and upto 025;




B)Yarn of Denier Exceeding 025 and upto 045;




C)Yarn of Denier Exceeding 045 and upto 070;




D)Yarn of Denier Exceeding 070 and upto 100;




E)Yarn of Denier Exceeding 100 and upto 250;

Therefore, in case of the goods with the description "Flat Fully Drawn Yarn of 40 Denier", the PCN should be quoted as "FFDB" and for "Flat Partially Oriented of 20 Denier", it will be "FPOA".

3. All the interested parties are requested to provide PCN wise information based on the above methodology, latest by 28.08.2019.