DGTR Recommends Anti-dumping Duty on Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer from Russia (US$16.91/MT), Georgia and Iran (US$ 31.24/MT) in Sunset Review Findings

ˇ         Georgia Out of the Net

ˇ         Ntfn 44/2017-Customs (ADD) to Expire on 11 Sept 2022

[DGTR Final Findings (Case No. ADD(SSR)-11/2021) dated 10 June 2022]

ˇ         The applicant filed an application dated 29th April, 2021, requesting initiation of the sunset review of anti-dumping duties imposed earlier and seeking continuation of anti-dumping duties against imports of Ammonium Nitrate from Georgia, Indonesia, Iran and Russia.

ˇ         The exporters from Russia hold significant surplus capacities. Moreover, India is a price attractive market, which would encourage the exporters to divert exports to India. Therefore, the evidence on record shows that there is likelihood of continuation of dumping and consequent injury to the domestic industry in the event of expiry of duty.

ˇ         The Authority has examined the data on record and found that there are significant imports from Bulgaria, Turkey and Ukraine. However, such imports are priced above the non-injurious price.