Air Conditioners, Compressors and Temperature Sensors now under Compulsory BIS Regime

[DPI&IT Order October 2019]

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 16 read with sub-section (3) of section 25 of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. 2016 (11 of 2016), the Central Government, after consulting the Bureau of Indian Standards, is of the opinion that it is necessary so to do in the public interest, hereby makes the following order, namely:-

1.    Short title and commencement.  (1) This Order may be called the Air Conditioner and its related Parts, Hermetic Compressor and Temperature Sensing Controls (Quality Control) Order, 2019.

(2) It shall come into force after six months from the date of publication in the official Gazette.

2.    Compulsory use of Standard Mark. The goods or articles specified in column (1) of the Table shall conform to the corresponding Indian Standard mentioned in column (2) of the said Table and shall bear the Standard Mark under a licence from the Bureau as per Scheme I of Schedule-II of the Bureau of Indian Standard (Conformity Assessment) Regulation, 2018:

Provided that nothing in this Order shall apply to goods article meant for export.

3.    Certification and enforcement authority. The Bureau shall be the certifying and enforcement authority for the goods or articles specified in the column (1) of the Table.


Goods or article

Indian Standard

Title of Indian Standard




Room air conditioners-unitary air conditioners.

IS 1391 (part 1): 2017

Room air conditioners- Specification Part 1 Unitary Air Conditioners.

Room air conditioners- split air conditioners.

IS 1391 (part 2): 2018

Room Air Conditioners- Specification Part 2 Split Air Conditioners.

Ducted and package air conditioners.

IS 8148: 2018

Ducted and Package Air Conditioners - Specification

Finned type heat exchanger for room air conditioners.

IS 11329: 2018

Finned type Heat Exchange for Room Air Conditioners.

Hermetic compressor.

IS 10617: 2018

Hermetic Compressors - Specification.

Temperature sensing control devices.

IS/IEC 60730 (Part 2) Section 9: 2011

Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and similar Use Part 2 Particular Requirements Section 9 Temperature Sensing Controls

Note: For the purpose of this Table. The latest version of Indian Standard including the amendment thereof notified by the Bureau from time to time. Shall apply from date of such notification.