Corrigendum to F.No. 14/55/2009-DGAD dated 6 December 2010

[Ref: F.No. 14/55/2009-DGAD dated 6th December 2010]

Subject : Anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of seamless tubes, pipes & hollow profiles of iron, alloy or non-alloy steel (other than cast iron), whether hot finished or cold drawn or cold rolled, of an external diameter not exceeding 273 mm or 10”, originating in or exported from China PR.

1.   Attention is invited to the Investigation Termination Notification No. 14/55/2009-DGAD dated 18.11.2010, issued by the Designated Authority, in respect of the subject anti-dumping investigation as stated above.

2.   Necessitated because of typographical error, the following partial modifications are caused thereof:

i)    In Section A Para 3. Sl. No. (xii), (xi), (xii), (xiii), (xiv) and (xv) to be read as (xi), (xii), (xiii), (xiv), (xv) and (xvi), and;

ii)   In Section C the title “Recommendation” to be read as “Order”.