Anti-dumping Review on Sodium Cyanide Dropped

[Ref: F.No.15/6/2010-DGAD dated 16th August 2010]

Subject: Sunset Review Investigation of Anti-dumping duty on import of Sodium Cyanide originating in or exported from Korea RP and United States of America- Termination of the Investigation

Whereas, as per Judgment passed by Hon’ble Delhi High Court in WP No 16893 of 2006, the subject SSR investigation was initiated under Section 9A (5) the Customs Tariff (Amendment) Act 1995 read with Rule 23 of AD Rules, examine whether cessation of the duty would lead to continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury.

2.   And whereas Hindustan Chemicals Company, earlier known as Cyanides and Chemicals Company, the domestic industry in the original investigation as well first SSR were requested to submit relevant information in the form and manner prescribed and to make their views known to the Authority relating to the present review and were allowed forty days (40 days) from the date of publication of the review notification to submit the information related to the case.

3.   And whereas the said Hindustan Chemicals Company vide their communication dated 28th July, 2010 have submitted that they would not like to pursue the case at this stage and would like to revisit the same hereinafter, as and when required.

4.   Section 9A (5) of the Customs Tariff Act provides that the anti-dumping duty imposed shall, cease to have effect on the expiry of five years from the date of such imposition, provided that the Central Government, in a review, is of the opinion that the cessation of such duty is likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury. In the instant case, since there is no information on record to establish that the cessation of the present duty is likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury, the Authority does not consider it appropriate to recommend extension of the anti dumping duties earlier imposed. Therefore, the Authority hereby terminates the investigation initiated vide notification No.15/6/2010-DGAD dated 9th June, 2010, all proceedings connected with this case and recommends that the anti dumping duties need not be extended further.