FTP Notifications

Pet Coke Import for Fuel Prohibited

·    Free Import Allowed only for Cement, Lime, Calcium Carbide and Gassification on AU Condition

·    Domestic Lobby Prevails

·    WTO Free Importability Violated


DGFT Allows 125 MT of Peas Import per Contract Irrespective of Advance Payment Made Before 25 April 2018


Self Declaration Cases Application Status in AA Available Online


Digital Signature not Required for IEC, PAN Copy Sufficient

·    Address Proof and Cancelled Cheque Enough for Application


IEC Must for Services Exports Involving Chapter 3 Rewards


SEIS Applications Only on Online Mode from 1 Sept 2018 in New Format ANF 3B

Trade Notice No. 22/2018 dated 30 July 2018

Free Import of Urea Allowed for “Industrial/Non-Agricultural/Technical Grade” Subject to AU Condition

·    Wordings Ambiguous, Restriction Applies to User or Product? [Ed.]

·    Actual User Condition Returns after Last Liberalisation by 26/09.09.2016


E-Commerce Exports Liberalised, Value Limit Raised to Rs. 5 Lakhs per consignment for MEIS (Previous: Rs. 25,000)

DGFT Notification No. 22/2015-2020 dated 26 July 2018

Pepper Policy Liberalised for Export Production of Oleoresin


Import of Areca Nuts below CIF Value Rs. 251 per kg Prohibited

·    Import thru Licence or Fine/Penalty is not Possible

·    Over Invoicing and Payment thru Hawala to Get a Boost


Oxytocin Import Prohibited


Vishakhapatnam (AP) Seaport Notified for Import of New Vehicles


Trimmings and Embellishments Duty Free Entitlement for Leather Footwear Raised to 5% from 3%

Corrigendum dated 9th July 2018

All Peas other than Yellow Peas imported before Clarification of 16 May are Freely Importable

·    The Restriction to Apply only after 15 May


Export Authorisations for SCOMET Items to be issued by SCOMET Cell, DGFT (Hqrs) under Signature of FTDO (SCOMETL DDG (Export)


Peas Import Restriction – DGFT Allows Part Advance Payment under Past Commitments


SCOMET Items List Amended


Ginger Import from Nepal Shifted to Free List


Restricted Policy on Peas Import Extended by Three More Months till 30 Sept. 2018


India Extends Ban on Milk and Milk Products from China for Six Months Till 23 Dec 2018


No Physical Copy of Negative List Licences to Head Quarters Required, Applications only thru Email


Only Single DFIA Application for All EDI Ports

·    Non-EDI Ports, however, Require Separate Application for Each Port


Maldives Quota for Food in 2018-19 without Export Restrictions for Whole Year Released


Port Restrictions Lifted for Natural Rubber Imports under Advance Authorization


Sale into DTA for Job Work as well as Waste Recovery in Movements to DTA from EOU not covered under 50% quota, Full movement allowed, Only GST to be Paid under para 6.08(a) of FTP


DGFT Loses Case on MEIS under Heading 8481, MEIS to be Paid in all Goods in Heading, Whole Heading and not only Parts of Bicycles


DGFT to Hold Export Obligation Discharge Fortnight in EPCG and AA cases, Special Camp in Nine Locations to Give on the Spot Clearance


Sugar Price Control Order Released

·    No Sale of Sugar below Rs. 29/kg at Factory Gate Allowed

·    Stock Level to be Determined by Government

·    Search and Seizure powers under Criminal Procedure Code to Government Officers

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Press Release dated 07.06.2018

Online Payment thru e-MPS, No Need for Digital Signature

Login in e-MPS using with PAN

DGFT Trade Notice No. 15/2018 dated 04.06.2018

DGFT Releases Procedure for Grand of MEIS in Project Exports under Chapter 98 of ITC(HS)


Samples, Trimmings and Embellishments Duty Free Quota Raised for Handlooms and Handicrafts, Leather and Marine Sectors

·    EPCH Allowed to Import for Members

·    Features of 2009-14, 1B of FTP Revived

DGFT Notification No 9 /2015-2020 dated 28 May 2018

Individual and Proprietors Eligibility for SEIS Broadened to Set US$10,000 Earnings in any Order

DGFT Notification No 8/2015-2020 dated 24 May 2018

Non Utilisation of Quota in Indo-Sri Lanka FTA will Result in Black Listing for 3 Years


Peas Import Restrictions – DGFT Clarification on Advance Payment in Transitional Arrangement means Full Payment – Part Payment Cases of Advance is not Covered under Past Commitments

Trade Notice No. 12/2018 dated 18 May 2018

Mandatory Digital Payment through e-MPS Extended to 1 June 2018 to where Digital Signature not Available

DGFT Trade Notice No. 11/2018 dated 18 May 2018

Peas (Pisum Sativum) Import Restrictions is Effective from 25 April 2018 Only

·    No registration with DGFT is required for shipments with Bill of Lading prior to 25th April, 2018


Import of 150K MT Pigeon Peas (Chana) from Mozambique under MoU Allowed in 2018-19


Validity Period of Duty Credit Scrips Issued under Chapter 3 Raised to 24 Months Applies to All Scrips under Ch.3 of FTP Irrespective of the FTP Period


Fixation of Ad-hoc Norms for Chemical under Advance Authorisation Application on Self-Declaration Basis

·    Technical Details and Data Sheet for Advance Authorisation Application on Self Declaration under paras 4.04& 4.07 of HBP Must

DGFT Trade Notice No. 07/2018019 dated 14.05.2018

DGFT Invites Applications from Dal Millers for Quota Allocation of Toor, Arhar, Urad and Moong

·    Last Date for Application 25 May, Quota to be Released on 1 June, Imports to be Completed by 31 August


DGFT Asks for Data on Pending Contracts to Determine Peas Quota Available in 1LT Limit


Used Oil and Mining Equipment on Wheels Allowed Free Import Subject to Re-export or Scrapping


Urad and Moong Dal Import Restricted subject to Annual Quota of 3 Lakh MT

·    HS Codes Covering 0713 31 00, 0713 90 10 and 0713 90 90


Only Services Categories Notified in Appendix 3D Allowed for SEIS Claim

·    IT Enabled Services are not Eligible for SEIS


Revalidation of AA Issued under 2009 Policy Allowed with Old Conditions


Transitional Arrangements Liberalised, Shipping Bills and Bills of Lading Issued before the Policy Change will be Honoured

·    LC Commitments regardless of Date of Export or Import will also be Honoured


Peas Import Restricted for Three Months


AERB Clearance Must for Import of X-Ray Machines, Tubes and Valves, Radiation Generation and Beam Units


Kabuli Chana, Bengal Gram and Other Pulses in 0713 20 in Free List after Amending for Code Changes in Customs Notification


Edible Oils except Mustard Oil Freed from Export Licensing

·    MEP of $900/MT on Consumer Pack Mustard Oil


IEC Status is OK only if ICEGATE at Customs too Accepts it!

·    IEC data though transmitted by DGFT to ICEGATE (Customs) is not accepted by ICEGATE (Customs) due to some transmission errors

·    Facility has been created to check the current status of IEC application and status of IEC transmission to ICEGATE. The status query is based on PAN used in IEC application made to DGFT.

·    IEC successfully registered at DGFT and accepted by ICEGATE - IEC ready for use

·    If status at Sl no 4 is not indicated, the applicant is requested to check the status of IEC at ICEGATE 3 days after the transmission to ICEGATE at the following link https://www.icegate.gov.in/EnqMod/ and report the problem to Contact@DGFT, if required.


Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) Monitoring System for Advance Authorisation and EPCG Goes Online

Trade Notice No- 1/2018-19 dated 4.4.2018

Seal Skin Import Prohibited

59-Ntfn /28.03.2018

Repairs of Defectives on Re-export Must Follow Hazardous Wastes Rules

·    Import for Re-export Follows the Hazardous Waste Rules. This is for duty exemption cases of temporary import

58-Ntfn /28.03.2018

While Sugar Export Opened under DFIA Route by SION E52 Till 30 Sept. 2018


Directives for Processing of Application for MEIS Claims under FTP 2015-20


Port Restrictions for Import of Apples Removed


IGST and Compensation Cess Exemptions under EOU Scheme Extended Till 1 Oct 2018


IGST and Compensation Cess Exemptions under AA Scheme and EPCG Extended Till 1 Oct 2018


Minimum Import Price (MIP) of Below Rs. 500 per kg for Pepper Imports Prohibited – CIF of Above Rs. 500 per kg for Pepper Imports Free

·    No MIP in Re-export Cases of Pepper Imports under Advance Authorisation Scheme (AAS)


Transaction wise Import Data will be Supplied by DGCIS in Anti-dumping and Safeguard Cases

·    Format for Declaration for Procurement of Transaction wise Import Data

Trade Notice: 07/2018 dated 15 March 2018 - No. 4/08/2018-DGAD

DGFT Launches Online Payment Facility for Miscellaneous Applications


Imports and Exports from Democratic People’s Rep Korea Tightened


All Varieties of Onions Export Permitted without any MEP of LC w.e.f 2 Feb 2018 – DGFT Clarifies

Policy Circular No. 04/ 2015-20 dated 26 February 2018

MEIS Amendments in Shipping Bills for Mistakes in Reward Column with Correct Intend in Description – Cases with LEO from 01.10.2015 to 31.03.2016 – Request for Information


FTDR Rules Apply to DGSD, Security Exempted, Entry Added to Defence


DGFT Suggestions for Shipping Bill Upload on DGFT Server from ICEGATE for MEIS Release

Trade Notice No. 23 dated 06 February 2018

No MIP in Re-export Cases of Pepper Imports under Advance Authorisation

Notification No. 50/2015-2020 dated 05.02.2018

Self Life of Food Products Import under FSSAI 2017 will be earlier of 60% of Remaining Life or Three Months

Notification No. 49/2015-2020 dated 5 February 2018

MEP ($700) Removed on Onion Exports

Notification No. 48/2015-2020 dated 02.02.2018

Another Two Months to NFL for Urea Import Till 26 Feb 2018

Notification No. 46/2015-2020 dated 24 January 2018

MEP on Onions Cut to $700/MT FOB from $850/MT

·    Measure Extended for One More Month Till 20 Feb 2018


Seconds/Defectives Import of Steel Items thru Nhava Sheva (JNPT) and ICD-Tughlakabad Allowed


Onion Export Extended by Three Weeks to 20 January 2018


Payment of Application Must for Restricted Item Licence


Minimum Import Price (MIP) of Rs.500/Kg for Pepper Imports


Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 Mid Term Review Announced on 5 December

Key Highlights

Ø Highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 Mid Term Review (Dec 2017)

Ø Foreign Trade Policy Statement Mid Term Review (Dec 2017)

Ø Foreign Trade Policy [1st April, 2015 – 31st March, 2020] Mid Term Review (Updated as on 5 Dec 2017)

Ø Handbook of Procedures [1st April, 2015 – 31st March, 2020] Mid Term Review (Updated as on 5 Dec 2017)



DGFT Releases Red Sanders Wood Export Quota of 186.588 MTs for Karnataka

Notification No. 40/2015-2020 dated 27 November 2017

Onion Export Restriction Return, Export Allowed only on LC subject to MEP of $850 per MT Introduced till 31 Dec 2017


All Pulses Freed from Export Licensing

·    Pre-registration with DGFT Must for Export thru Land Customs

Notification No. 38 /2015-2020 dated 22 November 2017

Import of 85K MT Pigeon Peas (Chana) from Mozambique under MoU Allowed in 2017-18

DGFT Trade Notice No. 21/2915-2020 dated 17 November 2017

Raw Sugar Import under TRQ at 25% Duty

Trade Notice No. 20/2015-2020 dated 15 November 2017

Lanolin Export to EU subject to Health Certificate from CAPEXIL and Dept. of Animal Husbandary


Contract Registration Date for Moong/Urad Dal Import in Prior Payment Cases Extended to 31 Oct 2017


Mandatory Requirement of Sanitary Permits to be followed by the Exporters and Importers Countries Strictly Adhered

Trade Notice No. 18/2018 Dated 23 October, 2017

Krishnapatnam (AP) Seaport Notified for Import of New Vehicles

Notification No. 36/2015-2020 dated 20 October 2017

Imports and Exports from Democratic People’s Rep Korea Tightened

Notification 35/2015-2020 dated 18 October 2017

Gold Import for Trading by 4, 5 Star Export Houses Banned thru Nominated Agencies Window


IGST Exemptions in Export Production

·    Advance Authorisation

·    EPCG



Health Certificate from Spices Board Must for Spices Export to EU

·    Spices Board to Issue Certificate within 48 to 72 Hours


Guar Gum Exports to EU – Export Inspection Agency (EIA) Lab, Chennai Allowed Testing of Penta Chlorophenol (PCP) in Addition to Vimta Labs


RCF and NFL Allowed Urea Import for Three Months


Moong, Toor Dal and Urad Export Ban Lifted


Renuka Sugar, EID Parry Get Bulk of Raw Sugar Concessional Duty Quota from South India

DGFT Minutes of the Meeting dated 13.09.2017

Import of Three lakh MT of Raw Sugar through Southern Ports of India at 25% Duty Allowed


DGFT Activates Single Point Contact Service at Contact@DGFT for Resolving All Foreign Trade Issues


Algeria Suspends Direct Debit for Food, Industrial Equipments, Marble, Plastics and Carpets

·    Pre Authorised Direct Debit Instructions Required


All Items of Gold and Silver Import from South Korea Restricted

·    New Trend of Country wise Import Restrictions going beyond MFN Rules of WTO


Gold or Silver Importation and Exportation Removed from WTO Rules under Para 2.07 of FTP – Import and Export now under Currency Category which is Outside WTO Frame


GST Related to Foreign Trade Policy Help Desk in DGFT Headquarters


Poultry and Poultry Products Import under Livestock Importation Act, 1898


DGFT Substitutes 10 Digit Numeric IEC with PAN Based IEC in GST Regime


Three Member GST Facilitation Cell in DGFT


More Time for Red Sanders Export Quota


Manufactures of SSP, DAP, NP/NPK List Revised


DGFT Amends Policy Retrospectively with 11 Years Back Effect

·    Honours SC Judgement which Holds Retrospective Amendment Bad in Law

·    Rs. 2700 crs Revenue Loss Estimated with Back dated Target Plus Scheme Licences to be Issued

·    Arun Jetley Honours Commitments in Last Months of NDA Rule in 2004 in Second Innings

·    Reliance Petro Exports Major Beneficiary

·    Similar Action on DFCE Scheme of NDA Thwarted by Alert Actions of DGFT Officials




Raw Sugar TRQ – DGFT Issues Details of TRQ Applications and Quota Allocations

DGFT Website

Raw Sugar TRQ Clarifications Issued, Import thru SEZs not Allowed


SCOMET Policy Rationalised

·    DGFT to Issue Authorisation to Distinguish between Non-SCOMET and SCOMET Items

·    Revised Policy Running into 230 Pages Released

·    Decision within 30 Days of Application

·    SCOMET Records to be Maintained for Five Years

04-PN and 05-Ntfn/ 24.04.2017

Utilisation of Duty Credit Scrips for Payment of Customs Duties in Case of EO Default – Policy Corrected


Ceiling on Export of Organic Pulses & Lentils Enhanced to 50k MTs from 10k MTs per Annum

·    Export Allowed only from Customs EDI Ports Subject to APEDA Registration


Gold Dore Import – Licence to be Granted only to a Valid BIS Licence Holders of Refinery


Clarification on Registered Exporter System Certification of Origin of Goods under EU Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)

·    List of Important URLs to REX Issued


Zone Wise Sugar Import Quota Prescribed

·    Three More Ports, i.e., Karaikal, Vizag and Gangavaram (AP) Included


US Sugar Quota Open, DGFT Exhorts Exporters to Avail Opportunity


DGFT Asks EPCs to Issue RCMC Online

·    RCMC Helpdesk to Discipline Errant EPCs Required


Raw Sugar TRQ of Five Lakh MTs at Nil Duty Notified, Measure Expires on 13 June 2017

·    DGFT Notifies Release of TRQ of Raw Sugar to Actual Users

·    Last Date for Application 24 April 2017

·    Only Nine Ports Permitted

Ntfn 12/05.04.2017

ICD can Handle Clearance of Un-shredded Metal Scrap Provided the Scrap Passes thru any Designated Sea Ports

·    DGFT Backtracks on Metal Scrap from ICDs


Groundnut Oil, Sesame Oil, Soyabean Oil and Maize Oil Export Allowed


Corrections in Ch.4 of FTP Provisions


Imports and Exports from Democratic Peoples Rep Korea Tightened


Actual User Condition Imposed on Duty Free Import of Gold where CENVAT in Availed


Authorised Labs Allowed to Export Diamonds for Testing


Corrigendum to Notification No. 40/2015-2020 dated 23.02.2017

DGFT Corrigendum dated 2nd March 2016

NOC Not Required from Defence Production for “Soft Skinned Vehicles” Exports


Sandalwood Handicraft Export Policy Liberalised

·    CITIES Condition Removed


DGFT Notifies ITC (HS) 2017


MEP on Areca Nuts Enhanced to Rs. 251/kg from Rs. 162/kg


Dec Exports Up 5.72%

·    Gold Imports Crash by 55% over Nov, Smuggling Continues

·    Iron Ore, Engg Goods Export Rise as Steel Price Lookup

ABS News Service/16.01.2017

Furskins of Reptiles, Mink, Fox Shifted to Prohibited

·    Fur of Chinchilla also Prohibited


MEP on Potatoes Withdrawn

DGFT Notification No. 32 dated 27th December 2016

MIP Extended by Two Months till 4 Feb 2017

·    19 Flat Rolled Products of Steel Items Covered

·    List Cut to 19 from 66


Two Month Extension of MIP on 66 Iron and Steel Items till 4 Dec 2016


DGFT Notice on Handling Double Benefit Cases


No Refund of Terminal Excise Duty under Deemed Exports in Exemption Cases


Marble and Granite Import Shifted to Free List from License Control

·    MIP of $200 for Rough Marble and Travertine

·    Granite Slab MIP Cut to $50 from $80 per sqm

·    Finished Marble Slabs MIP Cut to $40 from $60 per sqm

·    Import Licence to Marble Units Dispensed with

·    Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal to Gain Duty Preferential of 20% on Finished Goods under FTA

DGFT Ntfn 27 to 29 dated 17.09.2016

Guidelines for Issuance of Duty Credit Scrips under IEIS for Quarterly Period (1 Jan to 31 March 2013)


Industrial Urea and Technical Grade Urea Free from Licensing Restriction, Actual User Condition Dropped


DGFT Releases Red Sanders Wood Export Quota of 383.132 MTs (83.40 MTs for Maharashtra and 299.732 MTs for Tamil Nadu)


DGFT Says only Prior Import of Relevant Fabric for Export under SAA 4.04A Para


DGFT Finally Releases Red Sanders Wood Export Quota of 9698.095 MTs (8498 for AP + 1200 for DRI)

·    More Time to AP Govt to use Export Quota upto 30 April 2017

·    DGFT Violates its Own Undertaking to Madras High Court in 2007 No Further Export will be Allowed in Log form, Only Value Add Handicrafts Allowed

·    Conservation of Bio Resources Abandoned for China Exports

·    20 Wood Cutters Killed in Forest Dept Encounter Last Year, Smuggling Alleged

·    Annual World Demand in China and Japan only 2000 tonnes


DGFT Constitutes Grievance Redressal Committee with EPCs


In-bond Procedure for Movement of Goods EOUs Substituted with Procurement Certificate Based Movement


Import of Consumer Electronic Items for Personal Use thru Post Enhanced to Rs. 50,000 from 20,000 – DGFT Amends FT(D&R) Act, 1992


Duty Free Import of Fabrics under Special Advance Authorisation for Apparel and Clothing Accessories Exports Notified


Imported Container Value Included Export Value for VKGUY Benefit


DGFT Extends Minimum Import Price on 66 Steel Products for Two Months

·    List Cut to 66 from 173

·    Sheets, Plates and Coils Omitted, to be Covered Anti-dumping and Safeguards Notifications under Issue


Human Bio Samples for Research Purposes Allowed Subject to WHO/MoEF Norms


Basmati Rice Exports Permitted thru Non-EDI LCS on Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Nepal Border Subject to DGFT Quota Registration

·    DA (Documents against Acceptance) Export not Allowed from 1 Oct 2016, Guarantee from ECGC or Bank must


Laghu Udyog Bharti Included in BOT


Poppy Seeds Import – DGFT Delegates Power to DoR to Frame Detailed Guidelines for Registration of Contracts with Narcotics Commissioner, Gwalior


Unmanned Aircraft, Aerial Vehicles and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Drones Imports Restricted

·    DGCA Clearance Required


MEP of $360/MT on Potatoes Re-introduced

·   85-Ntfn(RE)/26.06.2014 – Inserted

·   112-Ntfn(RE)/20.02.2015 - Deleted


Hotels Not to Include Tax in Forex Earnings for Claiming SEIS/SFIS Reward


Supplies to SEZ to Paid in Forex from 01.04.2016, Rupee Payment Ok before Date


New Hazardous and Other Wastes Rules 2016 Recognized by DGFT


DGFT Lifts Partial Ban on Iran Trade

·   UN Resolutions to Apply


India Extends Ban on Milk and Milk Products from China for One More Year


Additional Quota of 25% of Rough Marble Allowed to Authorisation Holders but Import before 30 Sept 2016 Must


DGFT Releases Additional 2 Lakh MT of Marble Quota

·    Classic Marble and RK Marble get 10000 MT Plus Quota


Civil Aviation Min to Give Air Transport Services Permission and Not DGCA


Both Malleable or Non Malleable of ‘Other Cast Articles of Iron or Steel’ under ITC(HS) Code 7325 Eligible for FTP Benefits


Newsprint Policy – RNI Registration Holders can Import Newsprint by Filing BE for Home Consumption or Warehousing


Twelve Parties Allocated Pepper Quota for Duty Free Import from Sri Lanka under FTA


DGFT Clarifies Applications Digitally Signed by Power of Attorney Holders to be Entertained

·  PAN Change will be Allowed with Transfer of Liability to New Entity


DGFT Clarifies Rice Bran Oil Export is Open for Export without Pack Size Limitation


Ferro-Silico Manganese and Silico Manganese is One Item under HS Code 7202 30 00

·  FPS Benefits Eligible under SNo. 249 and SNo. 282


Incremental Export Incentive Scheme Revived

·  25% Cap on 2013 Incentive Removed Following Court Judgement

·  Exporters Gets Windfall Gain of Incentive on Sudden Rupee Devaluation


Radio Remote Control Apparatus Import Shifted to Free List Subject to WPC Licence


Rupee Terms Counted towards Discharge of EO under EPCG Scheme – New Appendix 5D Notified


SCOMET List Updated


Export House Recognition Criteria Diluted – Another Year Export Added for Calculation of Performance Requirement


DGFT Allows 70 More Days Time to Importers to File LCs to Protect Past Contracts Hit by Steel MIP Crackdown of 5 Feb 2016


Commercial Dogs Import for Breeding is not Permitted


No MEIS Benefits on Tamarind Kernel Powder as Item is Classifiable under HS Code 1302 32 90


DGFT Introduces E-commerce Definition for the Purpose of MEIS


Export of Betel Leaves to EU Allowed Subject to APEDA Registration


No FMS Benefits for “Liquid Glucose” Classified as “Sugar”


DGFT Relents on Paperless Office Circular of 12/2015

   Open House Every Wed for One Hour (2.30 to 3.30 PM)

   Officers below Jt DGFT are Open to Meeting if Senior not on Seat


Board of Trade (BoT) Reconstituted under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020


DGFT Moves Forward to Online Processing System from Online Filing on SCOMET Exports


Omeprazole and Lansoprazole are Two Separate Bulk Drugs – FPS Benefits Allowed to Each of the Two under Sl No. 503 of Table I


DGFT Instruction on IEC Application Online Format

·  Pending Manual Applications will be Accepted under the Old Norms


DGFT Clarifications on MIP on Steel

·     Import CIF Price must be above Minimum Remittance should be as per Invoice

·     Goods Shipped on DA Payment before Crucial Date of 5 Feb not Hit by Ntfn 38/2016

·     LC before Crucial Date Honored, Register with RLA


Rupee Payment for Supplies to SEZ OK under Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14


Sesame Seeds Export to EU Subject to IOPEPC Certification will Come into Effect from 10 March 2016


DGFT Notifies Minimum Import Price (MIP) on 173 Iron and Steel Items under Chapter 72 for Six Months

·     Advance Authorisation and Steel for Oil and Gas Sector Exempted

·     Raw Material: $341 - $362 per tonne

·     Intermediate: $445

·     Advanced: $500 - $752


Sesame Seeds Allowed for Export to EU Subject to IOPEPC Certification


Euro-III Compliant Motorcycles Allowed for Another Year only Till 31 March 2017, Euro-IV Must Thereafter


DGFT Clarifies EPCG Restriction on Power Plants for Captive Consumption


Only Online Applications thru Digital Photo and Digital Signature for IEC from 1 April 2016

·     Three Documents are Required for IEC Applications


DGFT Instructs All Departments Strictly Follow the Three Mandatory Documents for Import and Export

·  Deviations to be Reported to the Officer through Trade Associations


Natural Rubber Imports Squeezed to Protect Domestic Industry

·     No Imports of Rubber Allowed under Advance Authorization for 70 Days in 21 Jan-31 March Period against Licenses Issued in this Period


Natural Rubber Imports Restricted only to Chennai and Nhava Sheva Ports

·     Rubber Prices Fall to Rs. 85 per kg in World Market

·     Stiff Duty of 25% on Natural Rubber and High Domestic Price of Rs. 95/kg Fails to Please Producers

·     Tyre Manufacturers Hurt, Demand Protection from Import


Roasted Chana Exports in 1 kg Consumer Packs Allowed


DGFT Moves Towards Paperless and Personal Contact Free Environment

·     Move Named as “Trade Facilitation” for “Absolute Integrity” and “Transparency”

·     No “Outside” Persons Allowed Inside

·     All Contact Only thru Email and Speed Post

·     Only Jt. DGFT and Above Officers Allowed to Meet Visitors


DGFT Requests Services Sector to Obtain Importer Exporter Code

·  More Paperwork and Control under FEMA in the Offing

·  Banks have All the Data Since Payment and Receipts are Accounted for, RBI Releases Data

·  Why should DGCIS be the Fifth Wheel in the Chariot


DGFT to Maintain “Watch List” of Officers with “Dubious” Reputation, Intolerance Campaign against Corruption

·  “Touts” and “Middlemen” to be Declared Persona Non Grata


Apple Import – Port List Opened with Addition of Major Sea Ports, Airports of Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Cochin

·  Sole Monopoly of Nhava Sheva Removed

·  Inland Port and Airport at Delhi Included

·  India’s Land Borders Allowed

·  No Change in 50% Duty with NTB of Phytosanitary Certificate


MEP ($400/MT) Removed on Onions Export


HRD Diamond Institute, Mumbai Notified for Certificate/Grading of Diamond of 0.25 Carats and above


DGCA Recommendation Not Required for Import of Reconditioned or Second Hand Parts of Aircrafts


MEP on Onions including Bangalore Rose Cut to $400/MT from $700/MT


FPS Benefits Not Eligible for Industrial Valves Exports

Only Bicycle Parts under SNo. 269, the FPS Benefits Allowed


Indian Kabuli Chana (Chickpeas) Eligible for FPS Benefits – DGFT Clarification


Interest Equalisation Scheme on Pre and Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit w.e.f 1 April 2015


Manual Process for Past Claims of FPS in 01.03.2014 to 31.08.2014 Allowed


Human Embryo Imports Prohibited


Aircraft and Helicopters Free Importability Policy Updated, Dead Organisations Deleted


Seed Quality Rice Export under Licence, Dealer Registration under Seed Act Required

·   Paddy and Rough Rice Export under Restricted List

·   Free of Milled Basmati and Non Basmati Rice Continues


ITC (HS) Code of 1-Phenyl-2-Propanone Corrected as 29143100 under Export Policy


DGFT Online Certificate Program in Export Import Business

First Session Begins from First Week of Oct

Certified Exporter in 20 Days for Rs. 25k


Apple Imports only through Nhava Sheva Port


Sugar Exports – Registration of Quantity with DGFT Not Required, APEDA Registration Continue


Azo Dyes Testing Exempted for EU, China, Serbia, Poland and Denmark


MEP on Onions Including Bangalore Rose Hiked by 66% to $700/MT or Rs. 42 per kg from $425/MT


Rice Bran Oil Export in Bulk Permitted

Ceiling (10,000MT) on Export of Organic Edible Oil Removed – Contract Registration with APEDA Required

Notification No 17 /2015-20 Dated 6 August, 2015

DGFT Allows Exports of Sawn Timber Made from Imported Logs to Nepal through Raxaul Border


Narcotics Commissioner Gwalior NOC Required for 22 Items


Al Qaida Trade Prohibited under UNSC Resolution


DGFT Launches Mobile App and Revamped Website


MEP on Onions Raised to $425/MTs from $250/MTs


India Extends Ban on Milk and Milk Products from China for One More Year


DGFT Releases Online ANF 3A, No Physical Docs Necessary for MEIS Claim


Addl DGFT Mumbai Constitutes Ten Member Committee for Disputes between Buyers and Sellers


DGFT Permits Diamond SNZ as per CBEC Procedure


Preferential Treatment for Status Holders – e-Applications of Advance Authorisation in 1-2 Working Days Promised


Supari Minimum Price Hiked to Rs. 162/kg from Rs. 110/kg


Export Houses Limited to Only Rs. 10 lakh Export without FC Realisation


LR, RR and Postal Receipt Recognized as Transport Documents Equivalent by DGFT

·   No Incentives for Traded Goods in Hard Currency under para 2.46

·   DGFT Clarifies Capital Goods Import can be paid against Reward Scrip

·   No Reward Scrip for Restricted Items Export

·   MEIS to prevail in case of conflict between MEIS List and Other Lists

·   Services Export to SEZ to get SEIS Benefit

·   Restricted Export Obligation period for Sensitive Inputs under Advance Authorization as per Appendix 4-J

·   Service Consumer of Other Countries in India Eligible for Service Supply from India


Only Online EPCG Applications from 1 July

Form ANF 5A for CA Certificate to go Online


Online IEC Profile Updation by 15 June 2015


High Speed Diesel and Light Diesel Oil Import Allowed Free for Ship Breaking


Govt Gives More Time to Complete Modalities for Red Sanders Export Quota upto 30 April 2016


Raw Sugar Import under Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) Not Allowed


Non Agri Urea Import Freed from Canalisation


Meetings Hours 3 to 5 PM at DGFT Headquarters for Non Officials/ Members of Trade


Quota Sugar Export to EU and USA on Free List Subject to APEDA Control and Ceiling


MEP on Onions Cut to US$250/MTs from US$300/MTs

Notification No. 2 /2015-2020 dated 7 April 2015

Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 Announced on 1 April

DINDEX Editor on CNBC-TV18 immediately after FTP Announcement

FTP is not “Old Wine in New Bottle” it is “Less Wine in New Bottle”. Scope FPS Curtailed in Guise of “Rationalisation”.

·   Highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020

·   Foreign Trade Policy Statement

·   Foreign Trade Policy [1st April, 2015 – 31st March, 2020]

·   Handbook of Procedures [1st April, 2015 – 31st March, 2020]

·   Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 [1st April, 2015 – 31st March, 2020]



Agri-Infrastructure Incentive Scrip Half Yearly from October'2013 to March' 2014 – Deficiencies in Applications should be Rectified by 27 March


Kattupalli (Chennai 20) and APM Terminals, Pipavav Sea Ports Notified for Import of New Vehicles


40 More New Items Included in SCOMET List


List of Military Stores Require NOC from Dept. of Defence Production for Export Notified


DGFT says only Three Documents Mandatory for Exports and Imports


Institute of Diamond Grading Surat Notified for Certificate/Grading of Diamonds of 0.25 carats and above


Potato Export Shifted to Free List, MEP Withdrawn


Shark Fins Import Prohibited


Shark Fins Export Banned


MEP of Rs. 500 per kg on Cardamoms Notified


Consumer Pack Edible Oil MEP Cut by $200 to $900/MT


Rough Marble Blocks Quota Allocation – Monthly Returns by Importers Must

DGFT Issues 472 Marble Quota Allottees List


GSM and CDMA Mobile Handsets with Duplicate or Fake IMEI Import Prohibited


Insecticide Import for Non Insecticide use Subject to DAC Import Permit and Conditions

Insecticide for Insecticide use Required Registration from DAC


GPS Import only with IMEI Number


Export of Buffalo Tallow from Meat Plants Allowed under APEDA Supervision


Cotton and Cotton Yarn Export Contract Registration with DGFT Dropped

DGFT Notification 102(RE-2013)/ 2009-14 dated 08 December 2014

DGFT Notification 103(RE-2013)/ 2009-14 dated 08 December 2014

ADG Order Appeals Lie with DGFT

DGFT Notification 101(RE-2013)/ 2009-14 dated 05 December 2014

Polished Marble above 20mm Thickness not allowed for Import

100-Ntfn (RE-2013)/2009-2014 dated 5 December 2014

Marble Quota for Eight Lakh MT for FY 2014-15 Announced Allocation on Turnover and Number of Gang Saws


Importer of Scheduled Chemicals under SCOMET List must Notify within 30 days of Imports to DGFT or NACWC


Natural Sands Import Permitted Subject to PQ Order


Govt Gives More Time to Complete Modalities for Red Sanders Export Quota upto 30 April 2015


Dried Silk Worm Pupae to EU Allowed Subject to Health Certificate and Plant Approval thru CAPEXIL


Currency Paper Import only thru Security Press NOC