FTP Public Notices


Online Procedure for Allocation of Potato Import Quota of 10 Lakh MT (10% Duty)

·    Only One Application per IEC Allowed


Duplication in SION Entries A.465 and A.468 (DDSA) under Chemical & Allied Product Group Removed


Tur Import Quota Utilisation Extended to 31 Dec 2020 from 15 Nov 2020


Submission Date of Documents for EO Fulfilment Extended upto 31.12.2020 whose EO Period Expiring or Expired between 01.02.2020 and 31.10.2020


DGFT Issues Procedure to apply for Scrips under RoSL and Recovery Mechanism

·   ANF-4SL Notified

[See also RoSL Incentive will be on Scrip Mode on the Lines of MEIS- Notification No. 37/2015-2020 dated 6 October 2020 (DINDEX Code 11961)]


Single Side/Double Side Decorative Laminate w/wt Barrier paper SION Amended


Supplies from Distributors Network Allowed against ARO for Steel, DGFT Regional Office to Endorse ARO


Urad Quota of 1.5 lakh MTs for Fiscal Year 2020-21 Notified


Radiation Monitors Installation for Un-shredded Scrap at Designated Ports Extended by Three More Months to 31 Dec 2020


Import of All Steel Items (Ch 72, 73) and some Railway (Ch 86) must Register in SIMS from 16 Oct 2020


PSIAs Recognition for Metal Scrap Certification Validity Extended by Three Months to 31 Dec 2020


Application for Claim of TED Refund / Duty Drawback / Brand Rate Fixation

·     Form ANF-7A Revised


MEIS Codes Revised for Items in Heading 3824


Track and Trace Implementation for Pharma Exports Postponed to 1 April 2021


Dyeing and Waxing Norms Tightened for Finished Leather Exports



MEIS Registration with Customs Blocked for LEO Issued after 1 April, 2020 as Govt Runs Out of Funds

(LEO = Let Export Order of the Customs after Clearance Formalities)

·         Only Rs. 9k crs Allocated for 2021 from Budget Estimates of Rs. 35k crs for 2020-21

·         No Issue of MEIS for LEO after 1 April 2020, Server Blocked

MoC&I (DGFT) Office Memorandum dated 27 July 2020

10,000 MTs Sugar Export to EU under CXL Quota for 1 Oct 2020 to 30 Sept 2021 Notified


Procedure for Allocation of Import Authorization of Power Tillers


MEIS Codes Revised for Eight Digit Updations in HS Codes


PSIAs Recognition for Metal Scrap Certification Validity Extended by Three months to 30 Sept. 2020


DGFT (Hqrs) to Revalidate Export Authorisation for Non­ SCOMET and SCOMET items instead of Regional Offices


Ch 63 (made ups) Corrections in MEIS Schedule HS Codes


MEIS Scrips Validity Extended to 30 Sept 2020 (Scrips Issued between 1 March 2018 and 30 June 2018)


Additional Raw Sugar of 3569 MT Quota for Export to USA Released


Gopalpur (Odisha) Seaport Included in Port of Registration for Export Promotion Scrips


Kg Replaces Tonne for TMA to Exporters

·     Sea Freight to be Calculated on FCL and Air Freight on Kg Basis

·     Differential Rates Notified


Procedure for Allocation of Pet Coke Import for Year 2020-21

·   Limit of Calcined Pet Coke (0.5 mn MT), Raw Pet Cocke (1.4mn MT) Set by Supreme Court to be Allocated by DGFT

·   Completed Online Application Form and the Documents on or before 51 May. 2020

·   The import license/ authorization will be valid till 31.03.2021 only for the purpose of imports

·   Holders of the license for import of Pet Coke would keep the RA informed of the details of his import consignments

·   EFC in DGFT will evaluate and allot quota among applicants and licenses will be issued

·   Imports have to be completed before 31.3.2021


Additional Raw Sugar (745 MT) Quota for Export to US Released


TMA Physical Copy Applications can be Filed till 30 Oct 2020


EPCG Export Obligation Deadline Extended by A Year to 31.03.2021


Handbook of Procedures Amendments


Track and Trace Implementation for Pharma Exports Postponed to 1 Oct 2020


Minimum Qty for Testing at Chemical Lab Specified

Public Notice No: 16/2020 dated February 2020

Kattupalli (TN) Port Notified for Scrap Import without PSIC from “Safe” Countries


Return Procedure for SCOMET Goods Streamlined


Pre-export Conditions Dropped in Refined Oils Export SION


Mobile Phones HS Codes for 2% MEIS Amended

·   The Ad hoc 2% Announced by Amending Main FTP falls in Two Codes Continue at 2%

·   Total MEIS continues at 2+2%

·   DGFT has amended the codes for mobile phones as per new system in 1 Jan 2020 in the ITC(HS)


Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre, Bangalore, Dharwad and Mysuru Authorised for Issuing Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)


PSIA Recognition for Expiry Cases in between 1 Jan 2020 to 30 March 2020 also Extended to 31 March 2020

·   New PSIA Policy on the Anvil in FTP 2020-25


Textiles MEIS in the Nine Months Period during from 07.03.2019 to 31.12.2019 to be Adjusted against RoSCTL + Ad Hoc RoSCTL


Pollachi in TN Notified as Town of Export Excellence for Coir and Coir Products


Stainless Steel Washers SION Suspended


Last Date for One Time Relaxation of Delays in Submission of Installation Certificate for EPCG Authorisation Extended till 30 Sept 2019


6 APA Import under AA Liberalised


Olam Suspended from Importing Cashew Kernels

·    IO Norm Suspended


Maize Replaced with Dent Corn in Seven IO Norms


PSIAs on Metal Scrap Validity Extended to 31 March 2020 in 31 Dec 2019 Cases


Procedure for Export SCOMET Items for Demo/Display/Exhibition/ Tenders/ RFP/ RFQ/NIT


Radiation Monitors Installation Deadline for Un-shredded Scrap at Designated Ports Extended by Three More Months to 31 March 2020


Self-Attested Copy of Exporter’s Copy of Shipping Bill Allowed as Proof of Exports for Jewellery Exports


MEIS Cut by 2% w.e.f 1 Jan-2020, All other Rates less 2% will Continue

Textile Only Exception on which the Cut to 2% is not Applicable

·   1842 Entries in the Total of 8059 Affected

·   49 Textile Products consists of Shawls, Handloom, Jute Products and made-ups Exempted from Cut

·   Compensation through 2% RoSCTL Expected

(Ref pp 309 to 383 of Foreign Trade Policy Vol. III for Restored Old Rates)


DGFT Re-Notifies 24 Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies (PSIA)


DGFT Notifies Classification for Service Exports Reporting Form (SERF) based on Services Classification Code

·    STP to Submit New SERF as per Annexure VI on Monthly Basis


Indian Importers Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) Authorised to Issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)

·    Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Name Changed to Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry


Kattupalli (TN) Notified as the 16th Port for Scrap Import


Crude Soya from Paraguay under TRQ for Imports under India-Mercosur PTA - Procedure


DGFT Issues Revised List of its Territorial Jurisdiction of Regional Authorities

·    Appendix 1A of Aayat Niryat Forms Notified


Deemed Exports – Drawback of Duty Paid on Inputs also Allowed on All Industry Rate


Customs Duty Foregone on Export Obligation in NCLT Cases to be Included in Dues of Official Duties –HBP Para 2.29A Inserted


Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) – C&F Exports also Made Eligible for TMA

·    ANF 7(A)A Amended


Metal Scrap PSIA Validity Extended by Three More Months to 31 Dec’ 2019


Procedure for Export of SCOMET Items Imported for Repair in India


No Advance Authorisation for Gold Medallions and Coins or Jewellery Manufactured by Fully Mechanised Process


Radiation Monitors Installation Deadline for Un-shredded Scrap at Designated Ports Extended by Three More Months to 31 Dec’ 2019


Crude Soya from Paraguay under TRQ for Imports


Expo Overseas Entrepreneurs Association (EOEA), Indore Authorised to Issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)


Harmonised Code Corrected in MEIS Entry 3730


Cocoa Butter SION Notified – Cocoa Beans at 2.47 kg from 1 kg Allowed subject to AU Condition


DGFT Releases 8424 MTs Sugar Quota for USA under TRQ for the Period 1 Oct 2019 to 30 Sept 2020


Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture (MIICCIA) and Bombay Industries Association (BIA) Authorised to Issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)

·      New Address of Indian Industries Association Notified


EPC EOU to Cover All Products for RCMC


TRQ of 30,000 MT for Crude Soya Oil at 10% Duty from Paraguay under India- Mercosur Trade Agreement


No Auto Input Output Norms for Goods in Restricted List..Fresh Approval required in every case regardless of previous Clearance of same Item

·      Facility Valid for Three Years Only

·      New Appendix 4P Notified, covers

o   Cashews in any Form

o   All Restricted and Prohibited Items

o   Items under FTP Para 4.11 – Ineligible categories of import on Self Declaration Basis

o  Items in Appendix 4J – Export Obligation period for specified inputs with pre-import condition


Decorative Laminates with Barrier Paper Input Output Norms Amended - Kraft Paper and thickness of Export Product Increased


Supplementary Claims for MEIS Allowed in Retrospective Effect Cases


DGFT Facilitates Excess Utilisation of EPCG Authorization, Smoothens Kink in Application Fee


DGFT Releases 10000 Tonne of Quota Sugar to EU in Forthcoming Sugar Season


Intra-Company Transfer of Software Allowed in SCOMET


DGFT Releases Additional 1239 MTs of Sugar Quota for USA under TRQ upto 30 Sept. 2019


SION for Walnut Kernel Released with 50 percent Wastage Allowance


No Advance Authorisation Allowed for Import of Pulses or Peas under Restricted List Allowed


Track and Trace for Pharma Exports further Extended upto 1 April 2020 from 1 July 2019


Metal Scrap PSIA Validity Extended by Three Months to 30 Sept. 2019

·    Radiation Scanning at Landing Ports Posited at Alternatives to Checking at Load Ports


Radiation Monitors Installation for Un-shredded Scrap at Designated Ports Extended by Three More Months to 30 September 2019

·    Inspection of each and every container at Entry Port through X-ray Scanner Impossible, Load Port Inspection more Efficient and less Costing


Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) Agro Products – Exports from or of SEZ/EOU/FTWZ made Eligible for TMA

·    Transport and Marketing Assistance for Agri Product for East Africa Allowed at Rs. 21000 per Reefer


Unutilised Material in Advance Authorisation can be Destroyed through CA

·    Customs Supervised Destruction not Compulsory


Criteria for Claiming ROSCTL Amended – Application to be Filed within One Year of Let Export Date Instead of Shipping Bill Date

·    Application Form ANF-4R for Claiming ROSCTL Notified


Onions High MEIS of 10 percent Withdrawn


MEIS without eBRC Allowed from Countries like Burma, Iran under OFAC

·    Vostro Account Receipts with Rupee Payment also OK for MEIS Issue


Shipping Bills Limit Increased from 50 to 250 nos for MEIS Applications under ANF 3D


Deemed Exports SEIS against Rupee Payment for Services against CA Certificate Allowed

·    Hospitals and Hotels Services Export Liberalised, Aggregation of Billing and Receipts Allowed for SEIS Incentives


Online Filing and Tracking of Quality Complaints and Trade Disputes between Foreign Parties and Indian Entities laid out Procedure

·    No Legal Implication, Effort only for Reconciliation


Proforma of End Use Certificate Issued for Export Authorisation of SCOMET Items


Universal Extension to 30 June, 2019 for All PSIA Expiring or Expired before this Date

Trade Notice Allowing Fresh Application to be Issued


DGFT Notifies Rs. 1000 as Application for Reimbursement of Benefits under Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA)


Export Authorisation for Restricted Goods Validity Raised to 24 months from 12 months


TRA Facility for Scrips Issuing from All Ports except SEZ and Non-EDI Ports Withdrawn from 10 April 2019


Procedures for Scheme for Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies(RoSCTL) under a MEIS type mechanism Notified

Public Notice No.  83/2015-2020 dated 29.03.2019

Procedure for Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) for Specified Agriculture Productions

Public Notice No. 82 /2015-2020 dated 29.03.2019

Procedure for Allocation of Pet Coke Import

·   Apply for import license in ANF 2M to DGFT (Exim Facilitation Committee)

·   Completed application form (ANF 2M) along with ANF-1(Importer Exporter Profile) and the documents mentioned at (iii) above must reach on or before 31st March. 2019

·   EFC in DGFT will evaluate and allot quota among applicants by 5th April 2019 and licenses will be issued by the concerned jurisdictional Regional Authorities of DGFT by the 12th April, 2019

·   Imports have to be completed before 31. 3.2020 of the financial year


Last Date for Installation of Radiation Monitors for Un-shredded Scrap at Designated Ports Extended by Three More Months till 30 June 2019


Revised Application Format ANF-2M Notified


One Time Relaxation for Delays in Submission of Installation Certificate for EPCG Authorisation Extended till 30 Sept 2019


Export of Stainless Steel Flats Liberalised – Reimport of Inputs and Exports within 6 months of Import Condition Dropped


Amendments in MEIS Schedule to Align with ITC(HS) 2017 for Exports w.e.f. 1 Jan 2017

·    Flat Rolled Products of Silicon-electrical Steel covering SNos. 4974-4975 Entries Corrected


Mundra Port Notified for Scrap Import

·    No Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate (PSIC) required for Metal Scrap Imports from Seven “Safe Countries”


Procedure for Obtaining Export Licence for Export of Red Sanders Wood Sourced from Private Land


Groundnut Shell and Kernels Import Allowed under HPS Groundnut Kernels SION


Amendments in ANF 3D Format for E Commerce Exports


PUF Panels Import for Cold Storages for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables under EPCG Allowed


Clubbing of Advance Authorisations (AA) upto 18 months Allowed

·    Para (vi), (vii), (viii) and (xiii) Inserted


Import Quantity in SION Rationalised for Builder Bag


Revised List of 64 Entries for MEIS Listed in Public Notice 61/2017 for Manual Mode Processing


Procedure to Obtain NoC from Dept of Fertilizers for Fertilizers Export


Number of Bills in Form ANF-4F and ANF-5B included in Declaration for Advance and APCG Authorisation Redemption


Centre Doubles Export Incentive for Onion Farmers

·    Onions MEIS Raised to 10% from 5% for Six Months from 28 Dec 2018 to 30 June 2019


Approved Norms DGFT website can be Used by All for Release of AA

·    Facility Valid for Three Years Only


Six More Months for Advance Authorisation Import

·    Second Revalidation from Expiry Date of the First Revalidation

·    Total Validity Now 24 months after 1st and 2nd Revalidation of Six months each


8424MT Sugar Quota for USA under TRQ for Year 2018-19

·    Description Broadened to Include “All Kinds of Raw Sugar under HS Code 070113 and 070114” under Sugar Quota Allowed


Furniture and Fixtures for Hospitals Allowed under EPCG

·    Doors and panels for cold storage in marine exports

Public Notice No. 61 /2015-20 dated 18 December 2018

MEIS of 5% for Sal Oil, Kokam Oil and Mango Butter


Export Authorisation for Re-export or Return of SCOMET Items


Prohibited Items in SCOMET List not Allowed for Exhibitions


Errata to Public Notice No.50/2015-2020 dated 26th November, 2018 - Pet Coke Quota Allocation Application thru ANF 2M

DGFT Public Notice No.57/2015-20 dated 6 December 2018

Revised Territorial Jurisdiction of RA of DGFT

·      RA Amritsar Merged in RA Ludhiana

·      RA Goa in Mumbai

·     RA Puducherry in Chennai

DGFT Public Notice No. 56/2015-2020 dated 5 December 2018

MEIS of 2 % Notified on TMQ w.e.f. 1 Jan 2017


BIS Approved Refineries Listed in Appendix 2X for Licensing Gold Dore Import


Provisions for Fees for Preferential Certificate of Origin

·    Chamber of Commerce Must Issue Preferential Certificate of Origin within One Working Day


DGFT Notifies Rs. 600 Max as Origin Certificate Issuance Fee to Check Profiteering by Chambers of Commerce

·    Rs. 7500 for Post Verification of Self-certified Origin Certificate under EU- GSP for Single Unit


Wastage Norms and Value for Gold Idols Prescribed


Pet Coke Quota Allocation Application thru ANF 2M


5% MEIS for Non Basmati Rice for Four Months

·    Valid from 26 Nov 2018 to 25 Mar 2019 to Boost Falling Exports Price

·    Bangladesh Reaps Bumper Harvest, Demand Falls


DGFT Notifies Bhadohi (UP) as Town of Export Excellence for Carpet and Floor Coverings


EPCG Authorisation Validity Raised to 24 months from 18 months


Stock and Sale SCOMET Export Allowed in Foreign Country


Last Date for Installation of Radiation Monitors for Un-shredded Scrap at Designated Ports Extended by Five More Months till 31 March 2019

·    DGFT Threatens De-recognition to the 14 Ports if No Monitors by New Date

·    Ports may be Happy to be Rid of Unremunerative Cargo, Trade Feels Parallel System of PSIC at Load Port Cheaper and Faster


EPC EOU to Cover All Products for RCMC


Track and Trace for Pharma Exports Further Extended by 8.5 months to 1 July 2019


Amendments in SION – Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Included as Input Item for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate


MEIS of 20% on Cheese, Milk and Butter for the Next Three Months till 12 January 2019


Supreme International FZC Dropped as Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency


Post Export Advance Authorisation Regularisation of Natural Rubber and Silk


DGFT Releases 8424 MT Sugar Quota for USA under TRQ for the Period 1 Oct 2018 to 30 Sept 2019


ANF Forms for Deemed Exports (Ch 7) Amended for GST Changes


ANF Forms for EOUs (Ch 6) Amended for GST Changes


10,000 MTs Sugar Export to EU under CXL Quota for Oct 2018 to Sept 2019 Notified


DGFT Issues Procedure for Export of SCOMET Items for Display/ Exhibition/Tenders/RFP/RFO/NIT


Procedure for Export of SCOMET Items for Repair/Replacement Notified


Digital Signature Not Required for Intimation of Block-wise Fulfilment of Export Obligation to RAs under EPCG


Capital Goods Imported under EPCG can be Shifted to Other Units During the Entire EO Period


No Penalty for Delayed Installation Certificates in EPCG Cases

·    One Time Relaxation Allowed for Delays upto 31.03.2015


No Late Cut for Linen Export in 63029100 during Six months of 1 April-30 Sept 2015 Period


MEIS Rates Raised by 2% for 14 Items Includes Pressure Cookers, Utensils; Ghamellas; Frozen Octopus; Egg Albumin; Fish Heads, Tails and Maws


Procedure for Auto Generation of IEC by Email with PAN Number and Without Digital Signature


14 Services Sectors Listed under Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC)

DGFT Public Notice No. 26/2015-2020 dated 1 August 2018

DGFT Notifies Panipat as Town of Export Excellence for Carpets, Floor Coverings and Bed Linen Products

Public Notice No. 25/2015-20 dated 27 July 2018

MEIS Scope Widened to Allow Debit against High Duty Agri Goods

MEIS Premium to Rise

Public Notice No. 24/2015-2020 dated 26.07.2018

MEIS Rates Raised to 10% from 5% and 7% on 40 Items

·         Fresh Milk; Cream

·         Milk Powder; Yogurt; Butter Milk

·         Whey; Butter; Dairy Spread; Butter Oil; Ghee

·         Cheese; Oil Cake of Soyabean; Casein


MEIS Rate on Bengal Gram Extended upto 20 Sept. 2018


Uttar Pradesh Export Promotion Council, Lucknow Authorised to Issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)

·    Federation of Andhra Pradesh Small Industries Association Name Changed as Federation of Telangana Small (MSME) Industries Associations


Issue of Authorisation for Repeat Orders for Export of SCOMET Items - Scope Widened


Category 1C Chemicals Exports under SCOMET Allowed


Best Mulyankan Consultants Notified as Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency


MEIS to be Surrendered in Re-import Cases

·    Regional Office of DGFT to Issue a “No Incentive Certificate” to Clear the Import

·    New Application Form ANF-3E and 3F Released to Handle Application for NIC under New Para 3.24 of Handbook Procedure


Supplementary Claims under Chapter 3 Reward Schemes Disallowed with or without 2% Late Cut on Entitlement

DGFT Public Notice No. 16/2015-2020 dated 28 June 2018

DGFT Notifies Revised ANF-3B for SEIS Applications

Public Notice No. 15/2015-2020 dated 28 June 2018

Separate Development Commissioners Listed for Seven Private SEZs, Jurisdiction of DGFT Regional Authorities Updated


Corrigendum to Public Notice No. 09 dated 14.05.2018

Corrigendum dated 14 June 2018

Indian Mackerel Fish (Aiyla) MEIS Raised to 7% with Retrospective Effect from 1 Nov 2017

·    Only Mackerel with HS Codes 030249 and 030359 Eligible


Five Agencies Allowed to Issue Non Preferential Origin Certificate

DGFT Public Notice No.12/2015 – 2020 dated 28 May 2018

Onions MEIS Raised to 5% from 3%

DGFT Public Notice No. 11/2015-2020 dated 24 May 2018

Excess Export Obligation can be Set off against Deficient Obligation to Maintain Average – EO Default in EPCG to be Regularised


Advance Authorisation can be issued without Ad-hoc Norms also

·    Wastage Norms to be Decided by DGFT

·    Deemed Exports to be accepted for Discharge of Export Obligation

·    Tax Invoice accepted as Evidence of Deemed Exports

·    Advance License for Annual Authorisation in Ad-hoc Norms also

·    ANF 4F and 4G Amended


Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Israel and Japan Notified for Certification/Grading of Diamonds of 0.25 carat and above


Enhanced MEIS Rates Released in Mid Term Review to Continue Beyond 30 June


Maize Input Output Norms Suspended

·    120 Days Export Obligation Period Condition Removed for Articles of Precious Metals, Time Restriction for Gem and Jewellery Sectors Continue

·    List of Authorised Agencies for Gold and Silver Imports Revised


Last Date for Pharma Track and Trace Export System Extended to 15 Nov 2018


No Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate Required for Metal Scrap Imports from Six “Safe Countries”

·    Scrap Material Must be Cleared from Six Sea Ports Only

·    Transshipment Cases thru “Safe Countries not Exempt


Krishnapatnam Port Notified for Scrap Import


MEIS Rates Raised by 2% on 37 Handicrafts Goods for Six Months from 1 Nov 2017 to 30 Jun 2018


Delay in Application of EO Extension in EPCG Cases to be Condoned


Last Date for Installation of Radiation Monitors at Designated Ports Extended Till 31 Oct’2018


Raw Sugar Import under DFIA Allowed without Late Cut under Para 9.02


DGFT Releases Handbook Procedures for Self Ratification Scheme for SION

·    Scheme applicable only to AEOs Approved by Customs

·    Format for Chartered Engineer Certificate under Appendix 4K Released


SEZ Exports on Power with DTA Exports

·    SEZ Shipping Bills not Required for MEIS Claim from EDI Ports


Bengal Gram (Desi Chana) under MEIS Scheme – Corrections in Item Description

·    The Words “Desi Chana” Inserted to Correct the Entry

Corrigendum to Public Notice No. 66/21.03.2018 dated 22.03.2018

Bengal Gram Export Support at 7% under MEIS Notified for Three Months Till 20 June 2018


Irrevocable Letter of Credit Provisions from HBoP Deleted


Duty Free Maize in AA must be Exported within Three Months of Import

Public Notice No.64/2015-2020 dated 5 March 2018

Advance Authorisation, DFIA Bond Redemption Form Amended

·    ANF 4F and 4G Replaced


Directives for Processing of Application for MEIS Claims under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20


Dhamra and Dighi Seaports Included in Port of Registration for Export Promotion Scrips


Crrections in MEIS Rates List


Tops included with Blouse in SION

Public Notice No. 59/2015-2020 dated 09.02.2018

IEC Registration only at New Jurisdiction in Office Shift Cases

Public Notice 58/(2015-2020) dated 5 February 2018

STC Included as Nominated Agency to Import Gold and Silver

Corrigendum dated 24 January 2018

Amendments in SION – Styrene Monomer Included as Input Item for Styrene Butadiene Rubber


Asian Exporters' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AECC&I), Navi Mumbai Notified for Issuing Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential)


Indian Industries Association Shifted to New Place at Road No. 2 Mahipalpur Extn. From NH8 Mahipalpur Extn

·    Appendix 2E Amended


Authorised Banks and Nominated Agencies to Import Gold and Silver

·    Appendix 4B Revised


DGFT Issues New Application Forms after GST

·    AA, DFIA, GEM REP Authorisation Revised after Non-Issue of EP Copies of Shipping Bills

·    Application for Issue of Nominated Agency Certificate (ANF-4l) Deleted


Transition Period for Registration under Registered Exporters System (REX) for EU-GSP Extended upto 30.06.2018


Five APEDA Regional Offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Guwahati Listed in Appendix 2E of FTP to Issue GSP Certificate and Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential)


Quantity of Import Item for Raw Sesame Seeds Raised

Public Notice No. 49/2015-2020 dated 3 January 2018

Paracetamol Input SION Revised


EPCG – Second hand Capital Goods allowed to Hotel Industry, Cranes for Services, Cables and Dumpers for Mining Sector

·    EPCG– Average Annual Export Obligation


Ground Handling Services Cover under SEIS


SEIS Rates on Services Export


List of MEIS Goods with Codes and Rates


Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 Mid Term Review Announced on 5 December

Key Highlights

Ø Highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 Mid Term Review (Dec 2017)

Ø Foreign Trade Policy Statement Mid Term Review (Dec 2017)

Ø Foreign Trade Policy [1st April, 2015 – 31st March, 2020] Mid Term Review (Updated as on 5 Dec 2017)

Ø Handbook of Procedures [1st April, 2015 – 31st March, 2020] Mid Term Review (Updated as on 5 Dec 2017)



MEIS Rates Raised to 4% from 2% on Readymade Garments and Made Ups for a Period of Eight Months


Six New Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies (PSIA) Notified

Public Notice No. 41/2015-2020 dated 16 November 2017

Chartered Engineer can Act only in the Domain of their Competence for Issuance of Nexus and Wastage Certification for Issue of EPCG Licence

·    Chemical Engineer cannot issue Certificate for Power Plant!


MIDC Allowed to Issue Non Preferential Origin Certificate


Revalidation of Import Licence for Delays in Customs upto 6 Months Allowed


Delay in Submission of Installation Certificate from Chartered Engineer in EPCG Cases to be Condoned


Delay in Application of EO Extension in EPCG Cases to be Condoned


Block-wise Export Obligation in EPCG for 2004-2013 Period Relaxed


Onetime relaxation for EO Extension and Clubbing of Advance Authorizations under 2002-2007 and 2004-2009 FTP Permitted Subject to Composition

·   Last Date for Submission of Application is 31.3.2018


Validity Period of Duty Credit Scrips Issued under Chapter 3 Raised to 24 months from 18 months for Scrips issued w.e.f. 01 Jan 2016

Public Notice No. 33 dated 23 October 2017

Clubbing of Advance Authorisation Facility Liberalised

·    EO Period and its Extension

·    Regularization of Bonafide Default

Amendments in Chapter-4 of Hand Book of Procedures 2015-2020, related to clubbing of Advance Authorisations, extension of Export Obligation period and regularization of bonafide default in the cases where Authorisations were issued for import of drugs from unregistered sources with pre import condition.

Public Notice No. 32/2015-2020 dated 18.10.2017

Power of Regional Authorities of DGFT to Issue Nominated Agency Certificates for Import of Precious Metal Withdrawn – Para 4.94(a) Deleted

Public Notice No. 31/2015-2020 dated 18 October 2017

Capital Goods under EPCG Allowed Re-export – Repairs Value and Duty to be Adjusted in Licence and Connected Export Obligation


10,000 MTs Sugar Export to EU under CXL Quota for Oct 2017 to Sept 2018 Notified


DGFT Revises Norm Fixation Process

·    Adhoc Norms to be Fixed in Delhi, Regional Authority Powers Transferred

·    Direct Technical Authority Recco can be Accepted


PBT Filament Included in Tooth Brushes Input Output Norms


APEDA Enlisted as Authorised Agency for Issuing GSP Certificate and COO (Non-Preferential)


Last Date for Export of 8424 MT Sugar to USA under TRQ Extended to 31 Oct 2017


Amendments in MEIS Schedule to Align with ITC(HS) 2017 for Exports w.e.f. 1 July 2017


Application Form for Import and Export of Red Sanders and Sandal Wood by SEZ Units for MOEF NOC


Appendix 2X in FTP Notified to Declare Country wise Restriction as a Derogation from MFN Principles


SCOMET Export Permission for Stock and Sale

·   Application Form for Approval for Export of SCOMET Items from Stockist Entity to End User Issued


Hazira (Surat) Sea Port Notified for Export Promotion


Change in DGFT Regional Office Addresses


SCOMET Policy Rationalised

·    DGFT to Issue Authorisation to Distinguish between Non-SCOMET and SCOMET Items

·    Revised Policy Running into 230 Pages Released

·    Decision within 30 Days of Application

·    SCOMET Records to be Maintained for Five Years

04-PN and 05-Ntfn/ 24.04.2017

Reward Rates for Services Export Extended to 31 March 2017


Aspirin Word Included in Acetyl Salicylic Acid SION


Corrections in MEIS Product Descriptions


MEIS for Onions Extended by Three Months


One More Year for Ports to get Radiation Monitors and Scanners to Check Metal Scrap


Export Obligation Period for Inputs with Pre-import Condition under AA Specified


DGFT Notifies 357 Pages Consolidated MEIS Schedule Aligned with ITC(HS) 2017


No MEIS Benefit to Flour, Meal and Power of Guar Seeds


Procedure for Change in IEC Address – Jurisdiction of RA at New Address


Choice of HO/BO for Reward Scheme to be made once a Year


Four New Pre-shipment Agencies Notified – CWM, Global Multitrade, SMV International and Nectar Recognized