TV Manufacturer Complains on 100% Exam at Airports

A prominent manufacturer has requested Chennai Customs to relax 100% examination instruction to avoid damage of LED TV parts lying at the ports due to current restrictions on clearing Chinese goods.

It imports parts for LED TV components consisting of 9 BEs in huge number of containers (41x40 & 2x20). These shipments arrived on 26 June at Chennai Port. Due to alert of 100% examination of China Origin goods. These BEs were forwarded from RMS(OOC) to Group for re-assessment with 100% examination.

He claims that these goods are highly sensitive electronic components and multiple handling of open and repacking, placing and re-placing of one box over another during the 100% examination will make significant damage to goods. At this epidemic Covid-19 the industries are already suffering the loss from all directions in terms of detention, demurrage and transit damage.

Many brands are at zero inventory level and with consignments stuck, manufacturing and supplies will be impacted.