For Fixation of DEPB Rates / Fuel rates

[Please see guidelines (at the end) before filling the application]

1. IEC Number


2. Applicant Details

i. Name

ii. Address


3. RCMC Details

i. RCMC Number

ii. Date of Issue

iii. Issuing Authority

iv. valid upto

Products for which registered


4. Type of Exporter (please tick)

( )

i. Merchant Exporter


ii. Manufacturer Exporter


iii. Service Provider


iv. Others (please specify)


v. Merchant cum Manufacturer



5. Industrial Registration Details

i. SSI/IEM/LOI or IL Registration Number

ii. Date of Issue

iii. Issuing Authority

iv. Products for which registered


6. Excise Details (For those registered with Central Excise Authority)

i. Excise Registration Number

ii. Issuing Authority


7. Application for (please tick)

( )

i. Fixation of DEPB rate


ii. Fixation of Fuel rate



8. Export Product Details for which fixation of rate is sought.

Export Product Group

Description of Item of export

Sl.No. in Handbook (Vol.2)

Inputs allowed


ITC(HS) (Code)

Basic Customs Duty


9. Total exports effected during preceding three licensing year


FOB value (Rs.)




10. Exports made during past one year of the item for which DEPB rate is applied for.

Item of export


FOB value
(in Rupees)





11. Details of imports effected during the past one year of inputs allowed under Standard Input Output Norms (HBP v2)

Sl. No.

Item of import

Bill of Entry No. and date

Quantity of import

CIF value

Per unit CIF value








12. Details of international journals / magazine evidencing international price of inputs in support of the data furnished above.

13. Worksheet For Computation Of DEPB Rates:

FOB value per unit quantity of export product (Kg./MT etc.)

Description of import items allowed as per SION

Quantity of import item allowed for each of the input as per SION
(Kg./MT etc.)

CIF value per unit quantity (Kg./MT etc.) of each of the item allowed for import in SION
(In Rs./US$)

CIF value of each of the input allowed for import in SION
[Column (3) X Column (4)]
(In Rs/US$)

Rate of basic Customs Duty against each of the input allowed for import in SION
















Total CIF
(In Rs./US)



14. In case of fixation of fuel rate is sought, please furnish

i. Type of Fuel stipulated in permission issued by Competent Authority

for installation of Captive Power Plant

ii. Units (KWH) of Electricity consumed

for producing One kg of export product

iii. Cost of Fuel per kg of export product


Declaration / Undertaking

1.   I/We hereby declare that the particulars and the statements made in this application are true and correct to the best of my / our knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed or held there from. If found incorrect or false, it will render me / us liable for any penal action or other consequences as may be prescribed in law or otherwise warranted.

2.   I/We undertake to abide by the provisions of FT(D&R) Act, the Rules and Orders framed there under, the FTP, HBP v1, HBP v2 and the ITC(HS) Classification of Export & Import Items.

3.   I / We hereby certify that none of the Proprietor/ Partner(s) / Director(s) / Karta / Trustee of the firm / company, as the case may be, is / are a Proprietor / Partner(s) / Director(s) / Karta / Trustee in any other firm / Company which has come to the adverse notice of DGFT.

4.   I/We hereby certify that the Proprietor/Partner(s)/Director(s)/Karta/Trustee, as the case may be, of the firm/company is/are not associated as Proprietor/Partner(s)/Director(s)/Karta/Trustee in any other firm/company which is in the caution list of RBI.

5.   I/ We hereby declare that I/we have perused the list of SCOMET items as contained in the Appendix 3 to the Schedule 2 of the ITC (HS) Classifications of Export-Import Items, 2004-09 and that the item(s) exported / proposed to be exported does not fall within this list and that I/ We agree to abide by the provisions of the Policy for export of SCOMET items contained in the Foreign Trade Policy, Schedule 2 of ITC (HS) and the HBP v1, irrespective of the scheme under which the item is exported / proposed to be exported (the underlined portion will be deleted in case an application for export license for SCOMET item is being filed).

6.   I / We hereby declare that no export proceeds are outstanding beyond the prescribed period as laid down by RBI or such extended period for which RBI permission has been obtained.

7.   I hereby certify that I am authorised to verify and sign this declaration as per Paragraph 9.9 of the FTP.

Signature of the Applicant                                                                            Place

Name                                                                                                       Date


Official Address


Residential Address

Email Address


Guidelines for Applicants

[Please see paragraph 4.38 of HBP v1; For Brand Rate for Fuel, Pls see Para 4.3 of FTP]

1.   Two copies of the application must be submitted unless otherwise mentioned.

2.   Each individual page of the application has to be signed by the applicant.

3.   RCMC details need not be given if the same has already given at the time obtaining IEC.

4.   Application must be accompanied by documents as per details given below:

a.    In support of data furnished at serial no. 10,11 & 12 above, minimum 5 Shipping Bills /Bills of Entry (self certified copies) should be submitted for each item of export/ import during the past one year. This may however be restricted to two Shipping Bills/Bills of Entry/per month for exports/ imports made during the past one year. Alternatively in lieu of the Bills of Entry, the firm may submit copies of Customs data for imports containing the name of the raw materials, quantity, CIF value, name of the importers, port of import etc.

b.   International price of items of import as obtained from international journals/ magazines are to be submitted only in support of actual imports as given in serial no.12. If the applicant has insufficient data on the items of import/export, he may also submit data and documents of other exporters of the same export product.

c.    5 copies of the application should be submitted. However, only two copies of the supporting documents viz. relevant Shipping Bills/ Bills of Entry is to be submitted in support of all the data as furnished by the applicant.

d.   A copy of the application and supporting documents should simultaneously be submitted to the concerned Export Promotion Council/Commodity Board.

e.   In case of application for fixation of fuel rate, self certified copy of permission letter issued by the competent authority under Section 44 of the Electricity Supply (Act), 1948 for installation of Captive Power Plant stipulating among other things, the specific fuel to be used by such plant. In case of Brand Rate fixation of DEPB for fuel in terms of paragraph in terms of paragraph 4.3 of FTP.Copies of purchase invoice to ascertain the actual utilization –to be furnished in tabular form specifying date wise purchase of fuel.

Note: The DEPB rate shall be fixed only for those products for which Standard Input Output Norms have been notified. In case of an export product for which Standard Input Output Norms is not fixed, the applicant has to first apply for fixation of SION.