Appendix 14-I-A

Application for Setting up EOU Units in Special Economic Zone


1. Please see Para 6.3.1 to 6.3.3 of the Chapter 6 of the Handbook of Procedures (Vol.-I).

2. Please read the general instructions given in EOU scheme before filling this application and also some important guidelines given at the end of this application.

3. The application may be sent electronically or otherwise. But the same will be treated as incomplete without its own permanent e-mail and will not be considered.


Indicate Whether the Application is for


Automatic Approval or Board of Approval

The application should be submitted to the Development Commissioner of the concerned Special Economic Zone(for setting up EOUs in 3 copies alongwith a crossed Demand Draft of Rs. 5,000/- drawn in favour of the Pay & Accounts Officer, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce, payable at the Central Bank of India, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi. (NO FEE SHALL BE CHARGED FOR RENEWAL/ EXTENSION OF LOP/ BROAD BANDING ETC.)


For Official Use only

Application No. ______________________________

Date : ______________________________

Date__________ Month____________Year __________


Details of Bank Draft

Amount Rs. ___________________

Draft No. ___________________

Draft date ___________________

Drawn on ___________________

(Name of the Bank)

Payable at ____________________


I. Name and Address of the Undertaking in Full (Block Letters)

Name of the Applicant Firm _________________________________

Full Address _________________________________

(Regd.Office in case of limited _________________________________
companies & Head Office for _________________________________
others _________________________________

Pin Code _________________________________

Tel. No. _________________________________

Fax No. _________________________________

Permanent E-Mail Address _________________________________

Web-Site, if any _________________________________

Passport No., if any _________________________________

Name of Bank with Address & A/c No. _________________________________

Digital Signature _________________________________

Income Tax PAN _________________________________

The name and address of each _________________________________
of the Director/Partner


II. Nature of The Applicant Firm:

[Please tick () the appropriate entry]

Government Undertaking/Public Limited Company/Private Limited Company/ Proprietor ship/Partnership/Others (please specify)

Note:- Copy of certificate of incorporation alongwith Article of Association and Memorandum in case of companies and partnership deed in case of partnership firms may please be attached.


III. Indicate Whether this Proposal is for

[Please tick () the appropriate entry].

Establishment of a New Undertaking

- Manufacturing [ ]

- Services [ ]

Effecting Substantial Expansion
Manufacturing of New product
Conversion of (i) existing DTA unit into EOU

(ii) existing STP/EHTP to EOU

(In case of conversion, please attach fact sheet as per Annexure)


IV. (1) Location of the proposed undertaking

Full Address __________________________

Pin code __________________________

(2) Only for Projects under EOU Scheme

(In case the unit is proposed to be located on leased premises, then lease should be obtained from Government or any undertaking / authority of Government. However in case lease is obtained from private parties, it shall have a validity period of five years from the date of LUT and the Development Commissioner shall satisfy himself of genuine nature of the lease.)

(a) Please indicate if the proposed location is in a Centrally Notified Backward Area [Please tick () the appropriate entry].

No. ______________Yes_________________ if yes, indicate category

(b) Indicate whether it is within 25 Kms from the periphery of the standard urban area limit of city having population above one million according to 1991 census.

Yes_____________ No. __________________

(c) Is it located in an Industrial Area/Estate designated/set up prior to issuance of Notification No. 477(E) dated 25th July,1991.

Yes_____________No. _____________

(d) If not, does it come under the category of non-polluting industries as notified by the Govt.

Yes ___________ No. _______________


V Item (s) of Manufacture/Service: (Including By-product/Co-products)

(if necessary, additional sheets may be attached)

Items(s) Description

Capacity (Unit =)

Item Code (ITC HS code No)
Not required for service unit)











V-A Intermediate Products, if any, which are to be taken out for job work abroad as part of production process.

Item(s) Description


Item Code(ITC HS Code No.)
Not required for service unit)











VI. Production (In case of more than one item, supplementary sheets may be used)


Quantity (Unit __________)
Not required for service unit)

(Value (In Rupees)

1st year



2nd year



3rd year



4th year



5th year




VII. Indigenous Requirement:

(Value in Rupees)

a) Capital Goods

b) Raw material, components, consumables,
packing material, fuel etc. during the
period of 5 years

TOTAL: ------------------------



VIII. FOB Value of Exports

(1 $ = Rs.)


Rupees (lakhs)

US $ (Thousand)

1st year



2nd year



3rd year



4th year



5th year







IX. Investment:

(Rs. In Lakhs)

(a) Land ________________________

(b) Building ________________________

(c) lant and Machinery ________________________

(I) Indigenous ________________________

(US $ Thousand)

(ii) Import CIF value ________________________

(iii) Total (I) + ii) ________________________

(d) Details of source(s) of finance,
(both Indian as well as foreign)
for the above investments


X. Whether Foreign Technology Agreement is Envisaged

(Please tick (\/) the appropriate entry)

Yes ____________ No_____________

(I) Name and Address of foreign collaborator ____________________

(ii) Terms of collaboration (Rupees lakhs)

(Gross of Taxes)

(a) Lumpsum payment _____________________

(b) Design & Drawing fee _____________________

(c) Payment to foreign technician _____________________

(d) Royalty (on exports) ____________________%

(e) Royalty (on DTA sales if envisaged) ____________________

(f) Duration of agreement ________________(No.of years)


XI. Equity Including Foreign Investment


$ Thousand) (Rs.lakhs)

(a) Authorized ________________ ________________

(b) Subscribed ________________ ________________

(c) Paid up Capital ________________ ________________

Note: If it is an existing company, please give the break up of the existing and proposed capital structure

(ii) Pattern of share holding in the paid-up capital (Amount in Rupees)

(Rs. in lakhs) (US $ Thousand)

(a) Foreign holding _____________ ___________________

(b) Non Resident Indian company / Individual holding

(i) Repatriable _____________ ___________________

(ii) Non-repatriable _____________ __________________

(c) Resident holding _____________ ___________________

(d) Total (a+b (i+ii)+c) equity _____________ ___________________

(e) (iii) External commercial Borrowing ______________ ____________________


Foreign Exchange Balance sheet

















(5 yrs) In Rs./In Th Lakhs US$



FOB value of exports in first five years









Foreign Exchange outgo on









Import of machinery









Import of raw materials and components









Import of spares and consumables









Repatriation of dividends and profits to foreign collaborators


















Lump sum know-how fee









Design and drawing fee









Payment of foreign technicians









Payment on training of Indian technicians abroad









Commission on Export etc.









Foreign Travel









Amount of interest to be paid on external commercial borrowing/ deferred payment credit (specify details)









Any other payments(specify details)









Total (i)to(xiii)









Net Foreign Exchange earnings in five years









XIV. Rejects(Only for EOU manufacturing units.)

Generation of Rejects/Sub-standard __________ __________________
finished goods __________ __________________

(percentage of 5 yrs production)

Goods (In case rejects are more (Qty.(Unit = )
than 5% estimated percentage __________________ ________________
with justification may be given __________________ ________________

Value (Rs. Lacs)


XV. Employment

(All figures in number)

Existing Proposed

-------------- --------------

a) Supervisory Men ___________________ _______________

`Women____________ _______________

b) Non-supervisory Men ___________________ _______________

Women_____________ _______________


XVI. Net Foreign Exchange Earning

Average NFE on FOB value of exports in _________

5 years _________


XVII. Marketing

a) Whether marketing tie-up/Buy-back _______ ________

envisaged/finalized(Attach documents, _______ ________

if any) Yes No

G. C. A. R. P. A.

b) Destination of exports (in percentage) _______ ________

_______ ________


XVIII Other Information

i) Any special features of the project proposal _________________

which you want to highlight _________________

(please attach the project report, for new units)




ii) (a) Whether the applicant has been issued any _________________

Industrial license or LOI/LOP under EOU/ _________________

STP/EHTP scheme if so, please _________________

give full particulars especially reference number,

date of issue, items of manufacture and

progress of implementation of each project.

(b) Whether the applicant has submitted any __________________

other application for LOI/LOP which is __________________

pending with the Board of Approvals.

If so, please give particulars like reference

number, name under which application

made, items of manufacture etc.

iii) Whether the applicant or any of the _________________

partners/Directors who are also partners/ _________________

Directors of another company or its

associate concerns are being proceeded

against or have been debarred from

getting any License/Letter of Intent/

Letter of Permission under the Export and

Import (Control) Act. 1947/Foreign Trade

(Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 / FEMA/

Custom/Central Excise Act.


Place :_________ Signature of the Applicant ________________

Date :________ Name in Block Letters ________________

Designation ________________

Official Seal/Stamp_________________ Tel. No. ________________

e-mail ________________

Web-Site, if any ________________

Full Residential Address ________________



I/We hereby declare that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I/We will abide by any other condition, which may be stipulated by the concerned Development Commissioner. I/We fully understand that any Permission Letter granted to me/us on the basis of the statement furnished is liable to cancellation or any other action that may be taken having regard to the circumstances of the case if it is found that any of the statements or facts therein are incorrect or false. An affidavit duly sworn in support of the above information is enclosed.

Place:__________ Signature of the Applicant _________________

Date:___________ Name in Block Letters _________________

Designation _________________

Official Full Official address _________________
Seal/Stamp __________________ _________________

Tel. No. _________________

e-mail Address _________________

Web-Site _________________

Full Residential address _________________


Tel. No _________________

Some Important Guidelines

1. Additional Information may be furnished by existing domestic units seeking conversion into the EOU Scheme as per annexure.

2. Normally raw material tie-ups are not insisted upon but this may be necessary in cases, such as granite/marble/sandstone products where availability of raw materials is contingent upon Government leases etc.

3. Normally lumpsum amount up to US $ 2 Million and 8% royalty (net of taxes) as amended from time to time over a period of five years from the commencement of production is allowed as per the current EOU Scheme on account of foreign technology agreement as per the norms of Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. In addition selling agency commission is permitted as per RBI norms.

4. Cases involving high outgo of foreign exchange for capital goods and raw materials, the Government prefers raising of funds through external commercial borrowings.



Proforma to be Filled in by the Existing DTA Units Seeking Conversion into the EOU Scheme


Whether conversion of DTA Unit into the EOU has been sought for the full existing capacity of the unit or the proposal is for partial conversion.(Please give details of the existing capacity etc.)



Whether any expansion of the DTA unit proposed to be converted into EOU has bee envisaged, if so the extent thereof.(Please give details of the existing capacity and the enhanced capacity etc).



What is the level of existing exports of the unit proposed to be converted into EOU. (Please give details of export performance item-wise for a minimum of three previous years)



Whether the DTA unit is already under obligation to export, under:

i) Advance Licensing Scheme;

ii) Import of machinery under EPCG scheme;

iii) Any other Scheme.

(Give all relevant details including total E.O. imposed, the E.O. discharged till date etc.)



Whether your unit is registered with the Customs or Excise authorities.

(Please give details viz. Reg. No., date etc.)



Are you agreeable to have your whole unit customs bonded as required under the EOU scheme?



Whether you are a merchant exporter or a manufacturer exporter.(Please give details)



What is the age(year of manufacture)and residual life of items/ machinery already installed in your unit, whether they are imported or indigenous.(Please attach separate sheets giving item-wise details with value of the new CG as well as existing value of machinery presently installed).



Date____________ Signature________________________

Name __________________________

Place __________ Address of the Applicant ____________