Appendix 22 A

Bank Certificate of Export and Realisation

Form No. 1

[Appendix 22A Substituted by 131-PN(RE)/13.01.2009]

To ____________________(Name and address of Regional Authority) We _________________________ (Name and address of the Exporter) hereby declare that we have forwarded a documentary export Bill to ______________________ (Name and address of the Bank i.e., Branch and City) for collection / negotiation / purchase as per particulars given hereunder.



Export promotion copy of Shipping Bill duly authenticated by the Customs

Description of goods as given in the customs authenticated Shipping Bill and the Commercial Invoice / Packaging List

Bill of Lading/ PP Receipt/ Airways Bill

Destination of goods

Bill amount CIF / C&F / FOB
(In foreign exchange







Country name




















Freight amount as per Bill of lading/ Freight memo

Insurance amount as per insurance Company's bill/ Receipt

Commission/ Discount paid/ payable

Whether the export is in freely convertible currency or in Indian Rupees

FOB value/ FOB value actually realised in free Foreign Exchange / Rupees

Date of realisation of export proceeds

GRI/PP/ SDF form No.

No. date & category of applicable Licence/ Authorisation


















We further declare that the aforesaid particulars are correct. (Copies of invoices relevant to these exports and Customs attested EP, Copy of relevant Shipping Bill is attached for verification by the bank).



Signature of the exporter

: .........................


Name in block letters

: ..........................



: ...........................



: .........................


Full official address

: ............................


Full Residential address

: ............................


Bank's Certificate

Authorised Foreign Exchange Dealer
Code No. allotted to the Bank by RBI ___________________________

Ref.No. ___________________________

Date _____________________________

Place ____________________________



This is to certify that we have verified the relevant Export Invoices, Customs attested E.P. Copy of the Shipping Bill and other relevant documents of M/s.___________________________. We further certify that the particulars given in Co.1 to 17 have been verified and found to be correct. We have also verified the F.O.B. value mentioned in Col.14 above with reference to following documents:-


(i) Bill of Lading / PP receipt / Airways Bill


(ii) Insurance policy / Cover / Insurance Receipt.


FOB actually realized and date of realization of export proceeds are to be given in all cases except where consignment has been sent against confirmed irrevocable letter of credit or exports made against the Government of India/EXIM Bank Line of Credit or exports made under Deferred Payment/Suppliers Line of Credit Contract backed by ECGC Cover. An endorsement to that effect needs to be endorsed in BRC.


We have also verified that the date of Export is _________. (Applicable only in respect of Exports by air.)


This is to certify that we have certified the amount of the Commission paid/payable, as declared above, by the exporter i.e. ___________________________________(in figures and words) with G.R. Forms and found to be correct.



(Signature of the Bankers)

Full address of the Bankers

Branch and City

Official Stamp




Bank can issue a consolidated certificate (consignment-wise) for more than one consignment.



FOB actually realised and date of realisation of export proceeds are to be given in all cases except where consignment has been sent against confirmed irrevocable letter of credit.



This shall be required wherever specifically prescribed in the Policy / procedure.



Banks referred in this Appendix shall also include other authorized dealers who have been permitted by RBI to issue BRC. Applicant should be required to furnish a copy of RBI permission circular/letter to this effect.