Appendix 32 A

Format of Chartered Engineer Certificate for EPCG Scheme

(To be furnished on the letterhead of the Chartered Engineer)

I have examined the applicant firmís/companyís import requirement for the Capital Good(s) with respect to their nexus with the pre production/production/post production activity undertaken by the firm/company and with reference to their endorsement in SSI/Industrial Licence/IEM as mentioned in ĎAayaat Niryaat Formí and I hereby certify that the Capital Good(s) proposed to be imported under EPCG Scheme by M/s. __________________________ having IEC number ------------------- and PAN number----------------------- is/are required for use at the pre production/production/post production stage for manufacture of the export product(s)/rendering service(s) as per the details given below:-

1.††† Name, Model Number and Technical Description of the Capital Good (s) to be imported

2.††† Quantity required with justification thereof

3.††† Export products /Services rendered to which Capital Good(s) is/are related

4.††† End use of Capital Goods(s) for export product(s) and the stage where and how to be used

5.††† Stepwise Process/Flow Chart



Signature & Seal of Chartered Engineer



Registration Number

Official Address

Official Telephone

Residential Address

Name & Address of the Institution with which registered



1.††† Additional sheets, wherever required, may be attached.

2.††† Each individual page of the Certificate has to be signed by the Chartered Engineer.