Appendix 33

Information to be Submitted for Fixation of Standard Input Output Norms

(I)      Chemicals Products, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

a)    Step-wise Manufacturing Process.

b)   Complete Chemical reactions with molecular and structural formula and molecular weights along with stage-wise % yields on molar basis.

c)    Material balance (Stoichiometric Balance Details) for the entire manufacturing process.

d)   Requirement and recovery of solvents used in the entire manufacturing process at each step.

e)   Authentic technical literature/catalogue in support of percentage yield claimed in the entire manufacturing process.

f)    Details of by-product/co-products formed in the above process with their quantities and values

g)    Details of solvents charged, recovered and consumed in each step of the manufacturing process in terms of quantity.

h)   Collaborator’s guaranteed norms, if any.

i)    Percentage purity of finished product and raw materials and percentage of any diluent/moisture etc. in the export product.

j)    End use of the chemical intermediates being exported. In case of the drug intermediate, the name of the bulk drug where the same is to be used should be indicated.

k)    Copy of the valid drug manufacturing licence, wherever applicable.

l)    Standard technical literature pertaining to the process as well as yields in case of new drug molecules being exported. This technical material can be by way of standard references – Chemical Abstracts, Journal of Organic Chemistry and the like or copy of the relevant patent.

m)  Pharmaceutical references whether the export product is of USP, BP etc.

(II)      Engineering Products

a)    Model number, technical specification and specific quantity-both in terms of number (if any) and/or weight, of each export product

b)   Details technical Note on manufacturing process.

c)    Drawings/catalogues of each export product.

d)   Weight of each product (if the inputs include raw material).

Import Items

A.      Components

i)    Technical characteristics/part numbers, if any.

ii)    Assembly drawings/diagrams of the resultant product showing placement of components.

iii)   Usage of the components.

iv)   Weight of the components

v)    Bifurcated quantities of components to be accounted for in the resultant product and the requirement of components as spares.

B.      Raw Materials/ Consumables

i)   Grade /composition/ range/ thickness etc.

ii)  Detailed calculation for the quantity of each raw material, supporting drawings and net weight of each item to be fabricated/manufactured from the said raw material.

iii) Stage wise details on the net content in the resultant product with complete justification thereof.

(III)     Textile Products

a)    Detailed drawings of the Items of manufacture i.e. export product;

b)   Justification for wastages claimed in regard to the items to be imported;

c)    Justification for import of particular grade/specification/ dimension etc., of the raw material applied for; etc.

(IV)     Plastic/ Rubber Products

a)    Detailed manufacturing process alongwith technical justification for wastages claimed at each stage of manufacturing process.

b)   Technical descriptions/specifications including size, thickness and weight range of plastic/rubber etc. of the products to be exported along with small samples of export product.

c)    Chemical name of Processing Aid, Blowing Agent & pigment proposed to be imported.

d)   Whether the scrap generated in the process is being reused or not. If not the technical justification for its non-use may be furnished. If the scrap is being sold, the sale value/commercial value may be indicated.

e)   Percentage of rubber compound in the export product.

f)    Percentage composition of rubber compound in terms of different constituents.

g)    Percentage composition by weight of constituents in formulated/ blended products.

(V)     Pesticides

a)    Manufacturing process for pesticides for both technical grade as well as formulation, as the case may be.

b)   Detailed chemical reactions and material balance along with molecular weight of the reactants, % yield and wastages at different stages of manufacturing process supported by authentic/printed technical literature.

c)    Details of by-products, if any, formed during the reaction alongwith its recovery in terms of quantity and value.

d)   Percentage purity of finished product and raw materials and percentage of any diluent/moisture etc. in the export product.

e)   Registration Certificate issued from Central Insecticides Board for the manufacture of pesticides (technical grade) and also pesticides formulations.

(VI)     Paints/ Surface Coatings/ Printing Inks

a)    Percentage solid resin content in the export product.

b)   Percentage pigment content in the export product.

c)    Percentage volatile content in the export product.

(VII)    Dyes & Dye Intermediates

a)    Manufacturing process, material balance and flow chart.

b)   Balanced chemical reaction showing all the reactants, product and by-products(s) with their molecular formulas and molecular weights.

c)    Stage-wise % yield in respect of each reactant along with justification.

d)   Authentic/ printed technical literature in support of yield or quantity of items applied for import.

e)   Details of solvents charged during the process, quantity recovered and loss in process and recovery.

f)    Details of by products formed during the process and their recovery in terms of quantity and value.

g)    Details of standardization and % dye content of export item.

h)   Colour Index No. and Hue No. of Dyes

(VIII)   Paper and Paper Products

a)    GSM of item of export/ import

b)   Coating composition in case of coated paper and percentage coating weight in the export product.