Appendix 36

End use Cum End User Certificate in Case of Export of SCOMET Items

(To be Submitted on the Letterhead of the End User)

I /We (name of the end user)_______________________________________________________________ Certify that we are importing (name of the SCOMET item)________________________________________ From (name and address of the exporter) ____________________________________________________ Against our purchase order No _____________date___________________________as capital equipment/ Component / raw material / other use (specify)_________________________________________________ For the manufacture of (end product)_____________________________________ which will be used for (state specific use )*_____________________________________________________________________.

(* if more than one use then enclose self certified list )

I/we further certify that that the items detailed in the referenced purchase order will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose (s) stated above and that such use shall not be changed nor the items modified or replicated without the prior consent of the Government of India. And further, if required, post installation verification shall be allowed.

The end-user shall not himself , or through another , cause the items , or replicas , ore derivatives thereof to be re-transferred / sold without the knowledge / consent of the Government of India, to any party within (name of the country)___________________________________/ or outside it.

I/We also certify that the above items imported by us shall not be used for any purpose that relate to the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I/we also certify that all the facts contained in this certificate are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I/we do not know of any additional facts that are inconsistent with this certificate.

Place:                                                                            _________________________________

                                                                                    Signature of end-user / authorised signatory
                                                                                    of the end-user with stamp and seal


                                                                                    Name :____________________________


                                                                                    Address & e-mail:___________________

Certification on Behalf of the Recipient State

(For Schedule 3 Chemicals of CWC, viz. Category 1 C of SCOMET list)

(To be filled for transfers of Schedule 3 Chemicals to states not party to the Convention)

It is hereby certified that the transferred Chemical referred to above will be used only for purposes not prohibited / disallowed under the Chemical Weapons Convention and shall not be transferred to any other person or re-exported from the recipient country.


Name of the chemical (IUPAC nomenclature)






                                                                                         Organisation / State:_________________