New Field Formations under GST and Postings of Officers

[D.O.No.F.No. A-22011/05/2017-Ad.II dated 31st May, 2017]

Board has issued promotion order as well as AGT order in the level of Principal Commissioners/ Commissioners vide Office Order No. 78/2017 & 79/2017 both dated 31.05.2017 whereby the officers have been posted to existing formations as well as the new formations under GST.

2.  These postings have been made taking into account the sanctioned strength and the formations which will be effective in the GST regime and also taking into account the restructuring of existing Central Excise and Service Tax formations (including DGCEI and NACEN) as GST formations as also the change in nomenclature, which will be effective from the date to be notified. Till notification of the CGST formations and other new formations, the officers will draw their salaries against the post as mentioned in column No.6 of the said order against their name, wherever applicable. In the aforesaid orders, there are following scenarios:-

A.  Where the posts mentioned in column 5 and in column 6 of the order are at the same station, the officer can join at the post mentioned in column 6 during the intervening period till the issue of notification of new posts/ formations.

B.  Where the posts mentioned in column 5 and column 6 are at different stations, the officer shall report to the Chief Commissioner incharge of the post in column 5, but will draw pay and allowances, etc against the post mentioned in column 6.

C. In respect of posting to Directorate General, the officer will join the new post indicated in column 5 and will draw pay & allowances etc. from the post indicated in column 6.

3.  You may also note that the footprints of DGCEI (to be renamed as DGGSTI), NACEN (to be renamed as NACIN) and DGTS have been increased by creating new Zonal units. The officers posted to these newly created formations should be allowed to join at the respective stations indicated in column no. 5 of the orders so that they can initiate the process of setting up new Zonal units

4. All officers under your jurisdiction should be directed to work towards setting up of new formations which will be effective from a notified date. You may closely monitor the progress and accord top priority to this work.

5.  In case there are any problems in this regard, you may immediately seek clarification from the Commissioner (Co-ordination). CBEC.