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News 19 July 2024


What's New...


Daily Exchange Rate as on 19 July 2024

·      No Changes in Rates between 17 July and 19 July

CBI Arrests Customs Superintendent in Mumbai for Alleged Bribery

China Calcutta Dock Service Inaugurated

‘The Future is Now’ as the Theme for India Mobile Congress 2024 Released

NITI Aayog Presents an Ambitious Blueprint for the Electronics Industry with Focus on Mobiles

Baker McKenzie Eyes India Law Office as M&A Market Grows

Why the Era of China’s Soaring Carbon Emissions Might Be Ending

US Blasts China at WTO TPRM

G7 + Nine Invitees Attack China

US Pushes Semiconductor Production to Neighbouring Countries

EV Issues Lands in WTO as China Accuses US of Discrimination

No Tax Credit in US for China Solar Panels



Bolts, Nuts and Fasteners in Revised Compulsory BIS Notification, Old Notification Diluted to Allow Exemption to Parts of Finished Equipment

·      19 Types of Products included

·      Bolts, Nuts and Fasteners (Quality Control) Order, 2023 Superseded

Health Minister Nadda Reviews Regulation of Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Devices

Piyush Goyal Discusses Deeper Economic Ties and FTAs with EU and UK on Sidelines of G7 Meeting

Plastics Prices Fall in World Market

Takeaways, Suggestions Document from Retreat on WTO Decision-Making Released

Thai Quest for BRICS Membership Completes with OECD

China Charges Europe with Dumping of Wine

Promise of a Changed U.K. Comes Wrapped in Royal Tradition

Oil Prices 50% Higher than the Level of Four Year Ago

WTO Reviews Trade Policy of China

US to Slap Mattresses and Melamine in Anti-dumping and Countervailing Actions

Taiwan FDI Lands Millions of Dollars into India



FM shares Halwa with Taxmen as Officers Locked into Secrecy for Budget Preparation

Composition Fee Penalty for Shortfall in EO under Advance Authorisation Cut to 1% from 3%

·    HB Para 4.49 – Regularisation of Bonafide Default

JNCH Issues Guidelines for Third Country Invoice for FTA Verification in Turant Seva Kendra (TSK) under CAROTAR Rules-2020

·      Public Notice 33/2024 dtd 20.03.2024 Superseded

Daily Exchange Rate as on 17 July 2024

(We are carrying daily exchange rates everyday in DINDEX from now onwards. The rates will be featured in our website

Minister Goyal in Breakfast Meeting with Swiss Industry Captains at Zurich

Report of India’s G20 Task Force on Digital Public Infrastructure Released

Niti Aayog Members Repeated, NDA Constituent Parties included but Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal Dropped

WIPO Guide to Trade Secrets and Innovation

WTO Members Discuss TRIPS review, Pandemic Preparedness and Impact of New WIPO Treaty

TikTok e-Commerce Grows Fourfold in ASEAN, Narrows Gap with Shopee

China’s Economy Slows Sharply as Housing Troubles Squeeze Spending



Compensation Cess Exemption on Supply of Aerated Beverages and Energy Drinks to Authorised Customers by Unit Run Canteens under Ministry of Defence

Crude Export SAED Raised by Rs. 1000, New Duty Rs. 7000 per tonne

TRU Clarification on GST Rate Changes and Classification on Recco of 53rd GST Council Meeting

CBIC Clarification on GST on Services Changes on Recco of 53rd GST Council Meeting

Revised Monetary Limits for Adjudication of Show Cause Notices in Central Excise for Tobacco and Tobacco Products under Chapter 24 of CEA, 1944

Tariff Value of Palm Oil, Palmolein, Crude Soyabean Oil, Brass Scrap; Gold and Silver; Areca nuts Released

Commerce Issues Draft Procedure for Export of Sesame Seeds to the United States of America (USA)

DRI Launches Attack on Immigration at Chennai over Gold Smuggling Conspiracy

Report of India’s G20 Task Force on Digital Public Infrastructure Released

Piyush Goyal Meets DG, WTO, Indian Diaspora and Potential Investors on First Day of Zurich Visit

Digitalization, Transit Issues of Landlocked States in Focus at Trade Facilitation Meeting




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