Manual Noting Across Categories Allowed with Approval of Jt Commissioner

[Customs Public Notice No. 01 dated 4th January 2011]

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House on 4th January 2011

Subject: Processing of Shipping Bills in manual mode at JNCH.

Attention of all exporters, Customs House Agents and members of Trade and all other concerned is invited to Public Notice No. 06/2009 dated 05.02.09  wherein the following categories of export was allowed under shipping bills in manual mode with approval of the Additional / Joint Commissioner :-

(a)  Ship Stores

(b)  Coastal Movement

(c)  Baggage

(d)  Carnet

(e)  Re-export under Section 74

(f)   Re-export under Section 69

Due to increase in traffic at JNPT, the number of shipping bills filed under manual mode has increased significantly at JNCH. As a result the exporter/CHA has to visit Custom House frequently resulting in increased dwelling time.

2.   To mitigate the difficulties faced by the trade and as a facilitation measure the present system of permitting filing of shipping bill under manual mode has been reviewed. It has now been decided that henceforth, DC/AC (Docks) shall permit manual noting of Shipping Bills for the export of above mentioned categories of cargo.

3.         However, in genuine cases, which are not covered by the above categories, the manual noting of such S/bills would only be allowed with prior approval of Additional / Joint Commissioner in-charge of Docks.

4.   Any difficulty, if faced, in the implementation of this Public Notice may be brought to the notice of the undersigned.

F.No.S/12-Gen-42/08 AM(X)