Delhi Customs Issues AEO Clients Registration Procedures

[Delhi Customs House Public Notice No. 01 dated 17th January 2019]

Subject: AEO Facilitation Portal.

Kind attention of all Importers, Exporters, Customs Brokers, Members.of Trade & Industry Associations and others stakeholders is invited towards Board's Circular No. 33/2016-Customs dated 22.07.2016 and Indian AEO Programme on the CBIC website.

2. In this context, strengthening the commitment to trade facilitation and ease of doing business Delhi Customs Zone is launching an AEO facilitation portal ( The AEO entities using the ports of Delhi Air Cargo, Patparganj, Tughlakabad, Ludhiana and Jaipur can use the portal for lodging requests for priority in assessment/examination. This portal will seamlessly connect all the AEO clients with the Customs Officers posted in the Delhi Customs as well as ports of Ludhiana and Jaipur under Delhi Customs (Preventive) Zone who are handling the work of assessment, amendment in Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill, Examination, Drawback, IGST refund (error rectification)..

3. The AEO clients will have to register on the portal by clicking on the link "AEO Registration Form" and fill the details mentioned therein. They will get a verification mail on their e-mail and the registration process will be completed after the verification of the email. Post registration AEO clients will get a user id and password which they can utilize for logging on to the portal. The registration process is user friendly and self-explanatory, completely online process. To begin with,

this portal will have the following features and utilities for the AEO clients-

Prioritize Assessment - "They can raise a request asking the concerned officer to assign priority in assessment to their Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill, as the case may be"

Prioritize Examination- "They can make a request for getting their consignment examined on priority basis in Import/Export Shed"

Prioritize Amendment-" They can make a request for expeditious approval for amendment in Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill, as the case may be"

Prioritize Drawback- "They can make a request to the concerned officer for assigning priority to their drawback claims under Section 74"

IGST Refund (Error Rectification) - "They can make a request to the concerned officer for resolving the error in their IGST refunds"

4. In order to lodge a request, the AEO clients will have to login on by using the login-td and passwords, and then make a request by clicking on the link Prioritization Request. The clients can choose the relevant option by clicking on it from the dropdown. They are required to fill in the details like Commissionerate, BE/SB No., assessment group, concerned section etc. In case the importers are unaware of the assessment group, they can verify the same by using the bill of entry tracking facility provided on

5. All the concerned officers dealing with functions of Assessment, Amendments, Examination etc. at the AC/DC level are mapped on the portal. On the receipt of a request on the portal, an SMS will flow to the concerned officer with the details of the request made by the AEO client.

6. The concerned officer, immediately on the receipt of SMS shall act on the request of the AEO applicant. The officers mapped on the portal are, therefore, are directed to keep a special watch on such request and take necessary action for completing the prioritization request by the

AEO client at the earliest.

7. A log of all the requests raised by the AEO clients will be generated by the portal for the purpose of ensuring strict compliance. This log will be reviewed by the CRM of every port on a daily basis. The CRMs of the concerned Commissionerate shall have the responsibility of intimating the AEO client regarding the closure of request made by them.

8. Any difficulty faced using the function of the portal, the AEO clients are requested to get in touch with the CRMs respective Commissionerates.