Factory Stuffing Permission for Exports

[Customs Public Notice No. 02 dated 5th January 2011]

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House on 5th January 2011

Sub: Amendment to Public Notice No. 100/2010 dated 07.10.2010 and Public Notice No. 23/2010 dated 26.02.2010 in respect of Procedure for granting Factory Stuffing Permission.

Attention of all the exporters, trade and industry, Custom House Agents and all concerned is invited to Annexure-A of the Public Notice No.100/2010 dated 07.10.2010 and 23/2010 dated 26.02.2010. It has been reported by the Staff working in Docks (X) that the Instructions to the Factory Stuffing Supervising Officers of Central Excise mentioned in the Annexure-A of the above said Public Notices are not being strictly followed by the Central Excise Supervising Staff, leading to delay in export clearances or accepting the non adherence of instructions.

2.   The matter has been examined. Accordingly the Instructions No. (iii), (v), (ix) and (xiii) of Annexure-A to the Factory Supervising Officers of Central Excise have been modified as under so as to replace by following:-

“iii) Each page of Invoice and packing list should also be authenticated by way of signature by the Central Excise officers on the obverse of such documents.

v)   In case exporter is covered by categories stipulated P.N No 22/96 dated 01.02.96 of Mumbai Customs House, the in-house test/analysis report of exporter duly certified by Jurisdictional Central Excise Officer must be enclosed with examination report. Representative sealed sample in duplicate must however be forwarded to A/C Export, invariably for future reference/record. In case of non receipt of these documents, the shipping bill may be assessed provisionally and shall be finalized only on production of test/analysis report duly authenticated by the Central Excise Officers confirming that it belongs to the goods exported.

ix) Whenever the goods are exported under Advance License/DEEC scheme, Chartered Engineer’s Certificate is to be verified to the effect that the goods under Exports are manufactured out of exempt materials as per SION norms. If this instruction is not followed properly, assessment will be made provisionally.

xiii) Deleted.”

3.   Public Notice No. 100/2010 dated 07.10.2010 and Public Notice No.23/2010 dated 26.02.2010 stands modified to the above extent, all the other conditions remaining the same.

4.   Difficulties faced, if any, in following the above procedure, should be brought to the notice of Dy./Asst. Commissioner of Customs, FSP who will take appropriate decision  in the matter on a case to case basis.

F.No.S/6-Misc-02/2007  FSP EXP JNCH