Declaration for Personal Use, R&D, or Highly Specialised Equipment Sufficient for BIS Clearance of Electronic Equipment under CRO

[JNCH Public Notice No. 03/2020 dated 06.01.2020]

Subject: Customs Clearances for Samples

Attention of the Importers, Exporters, General Trade and all other stakeholders is invited to the “Electronic and Information Technology Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012.” Issued by the Department of Electronic & Information Technology (DeitY). This Order has come into effect from 03 July 2013. The Order requires that notified Electronic products must be registered with BIS and bear self-declaration before they can be sold/traded/distributed in the market.

2. In context of the above order, the following was clarified by the DeitY:

I.     Gazette Amendment I dated 26.06.2013 supersedes quantity restriction for testing/R & D / demo samples notified in Circular 1 dated 29.05.2013. Hence, there is no quantity limit on the number of units being imported for these purposes.

II.    Highly Specialised Equipment (HSE) criteria have been sufficiently defined and Customs may evolve a process so that the field officers of Customs do not insist on NoC from DeitY for goods qualifying these criteria. Cases needing technical clarifications beyond the defined criteria may be referred to DeitY. However, w.e.f. 23.12.2013, DeitY would entertain such requests only from Customs Authorities and not directly from the applicants.

III.   The order has not put any restriction on goods directly imported by end users for personal use.

3. For the purpose of swiftness of operations, good government and reducing paper work, it is desired that necessary Customs clearance may be provided as per the standing orders. A declaration from importer/exporter/local representative/end user shall be treated as a sufficient evidence to process such clearances in r/o the above 3 categories of equipment (I, II & III) above.

4. It is clarified that a declaration by the importer/exporter/local representative/end user in case of categories mentioned in para 2 above will be the basis for not applying the BIS provisions for subject goods.

5. Action to be taken in terms of decisions taken in this Public Notice should be considered as standing order for the purpose of officers & staff.

6. Difficulties, if any, faced in implementation of this Public Notice may be brought to the notice of the Assistant Commissioner in-charge of “Group-VI” on Tel No.: 022-27244711.

F. No. S/26-Misc-106/2009 (Part-1) Gr. VI