Anti-dumping Duty Cut on Rubber Chemicals from Korea with Retrospective Effect to Rs. 5.90/kg from Rs. 10.35 in the Period 5 May 2008 to 19 Sept 2011

     Full SNo. 4 Omitted by Ntfn 93/20.09.2011

[Customs Notification No. 04 (ADD) dated 29th January 2016]

Seeks to amend notification No. 133/2008- Customs dated 12.12.2008

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) and sub-section (5) of section 9A of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 (51 of 1975) read with rules 18 and 20 of the Customs Tariff (Identification, Assessment and Collection of Anti-dumping Duty on Dumped Articles and for Determination of Injury) Rules, 1995, the Central Government, hereby makes the following amendments in the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue), No. 133/2008-Customs, dated the 12th December, 2008, published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (i), vide number G.S.R. 853 (E), dated the 12th December, 2008, namely:-

In the said notification, in the Table, against serial number 4, in column (9), for the entry 10.35, the entry 5.90 shall be substituted.

2. The anti-dumping duty under this notification shall be applicable with effect from the date of imposition of the provisional anti-dumping duty, that is, the 5th May, 2008 and upto and inclusive of 19th September, 2011.

[F.No.354/32/2008-TRU (Pt-I)]