iCODE EDI Introduced for Automatic Transmission of BE and SB, Mumbai Customs Issues Public Notice to Users

[Public Notice No. 04 /2019 dated 14.03.2019]

Kind attention of Importers/Exporters/Customs Brokers is invited to processing of Bill of Entry(BE)/Shipping Bill(SB) in ICES and taking print of First Copy/OOC copy of BEs and LEO copy of SBs.

2. CBIC has announced two new initiatives, one for electronic communication/transmission of Customs documents to the trade under the name iCODE and the other, ICEDASH- an EODB dashboard to monitor daily clearance at each port.

3. Under Project iCODE (Indian Customs Original Document of EDI), the copies of Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills will be sent electronically to the Importers and Exporters. The Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills will be digitally signed and bearing the QR codes for authentication and will be sent through email to the registered email IDs of respective IECs and the Customs Brokers. These electronic (PDF) copies are slated to replace the physical paper copies signed by OOC officers currently and will make the entire clearance process faster and greener.

4. As a pilot implementation under iCODE, generation & transmission of first copy of BE (copy after assessment, presented for examination) in PDF has now been made operational. As of now, the pdf version of BEs will have QR codes but without the digital signatures. In this regard, the feedback especially if there is any inconsistency/ discrepancy in the data or if any more data fields are to be added is requested from the trade and the same may be forwarded to Email ID Manager sysmgr.maa1@icegate.gov.in on or before by 15th March, 2019.

5. After making changes as per the feedback and incorporating the digital signature, PDF version of the final (OOC) copy would also begin to be sent electronically, thus doing away with the requirement to take any printout of the BE copy from the service centre. In the second phase, the facility will be extended to Shipping Bill copies as well.

6. The Importers and Exporters under Mumbai Zone-III are advised to obtain registration on the ICEGATE portal at the earliest with their email ids and phone numbers, so as to receive PDF copies of BE and event notification on their e-mail.

F.NO. S/3-Misc.-PRO-13/2018-19 ACC(I)