Delhi Customs Issues Notice to Substitute IMEI from MSAI by ICDR under DoT

[Delhi Customs Public Notice No. 05 dated 07.02.2020]

Subject: Operationalisation of Indian Counterfeited Device Restriction (ICDR) system by C-DoT.

Attention of trade is invited to Notification No. 107/ (RE-2013) /2009-2014 dated 16.01.2015 issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India, prohibiting the import of GSM Mobile Handsets (Classified under ITC(HS) code '8517') without International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and subsequent

Public Notice No. 16/2016 dated 25.02.2016 issued by the Principal Commissioner, ACC Imports for implementing the said notification. (Public Notice No. 16/2016 dated 25.02.2016 enclosed as Annexure I)

2. In terms of Para (4) of Public Notice No. 16/2016 dated 25.02.2016 (Annexure I); Mobile Standard Alliance of India (MSAI) was the designated proper authority to revalidate the IMEI No. for mobile handsets to be imported into India.

3. Now, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, has vide their letter F.No. 19-37/2012/S-II (Pt.V) dated 28.01.2020 (Annexure­ II) informed about operationalisation of Indian Counterfeited Device Restriction (ICDR) system. It has been stated that the Government has decided to replace the MSAI operated system and hence, a new system i.e. (ICDR) system which has been developed by Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT); an R&D unit of Department of Telecommunications for implementing the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued on 29.05.2015 by them for implementation of notification No. 107/(RE-2013)/2009-2014 dated 16.01.2015 issued by DGFT to prohibit import of mobile phones with duplicate, fake and non­ genuine International Mobile Equipment Identity(IMEI). The SOP was earlier implemented through IMEI Cloning and Duplication Restriction system operated and maintained by Mobile Standard Alliance of India (MSAI), erstwhile reporting body of GSMA (Global System Mobile Association) in India.

4. It has further been stated in letter dated 28.01.2020 (Anaexure-II) that the new system has been operationalised on pilot basis which can be accessed on website for registration and generation of IMEI certificates by following due procedure, for import of mobile phones in India.

5. All trade associations/members of Customs Brokers Ass0ciation are requested to take note and publicize the contents of this Public Notice among their members/ constituents.

6. For the departmental officers, this may be treated as Standing Order.

7. Difficulties, if any, may be brought to the notice of Additional Commissioner of Customs (Technical), ACC Imports, New Customs House, New Delhi.