Amendments in Presidential Award Notification

[Ref: Notification No. 07/2018 – Customs (N.T) dated 19 January 2018]

S.O. 299(E).—In the Ministry’s Notification No. 12/139/59-Ad.III B dated 05.11.62 as amended vide Notification No. 04/96-Custom (N.T.) dated 22.01.1996, the following amendment is made:-

In the said Notification, for the Paragraph 4, the following Para shall be substituted namely:-

“4. The number of “Appreciation Certificates” awarded in one year shall not exceed forty five but if the President considers that special circumstances in any one year justify the award of the “Appreciation Certificates” in excess of the forty five, the number shall not exceed fifty.”

[F. No. 394/97/2017-Cus (AS)]