Procedure of Signing of E.P. Copy of Shipping Bill/ DEPB Bill

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai on 5th March 2010.

[Customs Public Notice No. 07 dated 5th March 2010]

Attention of all Exporters, their Custom House Agents and Trade is drawn to the fact that in case of air shipments all copies of shipping bills are generated simultaneously on grant of LEO by Superintendent (Shed) and the practice followed at ACC is that Export Promotion (E.P.) copy of shipping bill is being signed either by Superintendent (Shed) or the E.F.O. of Batch Office even while para 2.8 of Indian Customs EDI Handbook (August 2004) provides that EP copy be signed by a Supdt (of the Shed). It is also the practice that shipment certificate on the ARE-1 is being given by E.F.O. of Batch office. In both these activities, a common basic requirement is the prior assurance that EGM stands correctly filed. It is also noted that exporter representative would have to go to two offices at the ACC if Supdt (Shed) is to sign the E.P. Copy and EFO of Batch Office is to certify the ARE-1.

2. In order to streamline the practice while ensuring that the check of EGM filing is correctly and fully exercised at the level of officer contemplated by the Indian Customs EDI and also trade benefits from having to obtain these items of work at a single office, and on assessment of the work loads, the following procedure of signing of E.P. copy of shipping bill and DEPB copy (in case of DEPB shipping bill) of shipping bill, is prescribed -

a) After obtaining the printout of shipping bill, the CHA/ Exporter or their authorized representative shall sign on all copies of Shipping Bill (with Exporter/ CHAs representative name and his identity card number being clearly mentioned and visible below his signature) and shall then obtain the signatures of the concerned E.O / P.O. on the Examination report.

b) Then the Customs copy (accompanied with Examination report, Annexure C, Check list, Invoice, Packing list and all other documents presented by CHA/ Exporter during examination of goods), Exporters copy and Exchange Control Copy of Shipping Bill shall be presented by CHA/ Exporter to the concerned Superintendent (Shed) responsible for granting the LEO who, after verifying the documents and appropriate checks, shall affix his seal and signature on Customs copy, Exporters copy and Exchange Control Copy of Shipping Bill at the specified place.

c) The AC / DC (Admin.) shall designate at least one Superintendent in each Batch for the purpose of signing the E.P. copy and DEPB copy (in the case of DEPB shipping bill) of shipping bill.

d) Once EGM has been filed by the concerned Airlines, the CHA / Exporter shall present E.P. copy and DEPB copy (in the case of DEPB shipping bill) of shipping bill to the designated Superintendent of Batch office.

e) The designated Superintendent of Batch Office shall verify the fact of EGM having been correctly filed by the Airline from the EDI menu.

f) Upon confirming that EGM has been correctly filed by Airline, the designated Superintendent of Batch Office shall affix his dated signature, name and seal on E.P. copy and DEPB copy (in the case of DEPB shipping bill) of shipping bill.

g) In respect of shipment certificate to be given on the ARE-1, the same shall be given by E.F.O. of Batch office, after similarly ensuring EGM has been filed correctly by Airline and also verifying ARE-1 particulars from the shipping bill.

h) Non-filing or incorrect filing of EGM by Airlines shall be informed to CHA/ Exporter to take it up with concerned Airlines and also specifically brought to the notice of DC or AC / Superintendent (EGM Co-ordination) for taking appropriate action under the Customs Act 1962.

3. Difficulty, if any, faced in implementation may be brought to notice.

F. No. S/6-Misc-63 (EGM)/10 Export Shed (ACC)