Licence and Scheme Sub Group VII Discontinued in Customs

    Group Allocation from 1 to 6 on the Classification of Highest Value Item

[ICD Tughlakabad Public Notice No. 07/2018 dated 10.05.2018]

Subject: -Discontinuation of Appraising Group VII in ICES w.e.f. 08.05.2018.

Importers/Customs House Agents/Customs Brokers/members of Trade and all stakeholders concerned are hereby informed that Group VII in Customs Commissionerate has been abolished with effect from 08.05.2018 and the appraising work of Group VII at all Customs location will be transferred to Import Appraising Groups. Accordingly, Group VII has been discontinued in ICES with effect from 08.05.2018. Only the Bills of Entry filed before this date and pending assessment shall be available in the erstwhile group. All the new License/Scheme Bills shall be allotted to Group 1 to 6 just like any other bill depending on the classification of the item with highest assessable value. These Bills of Entry shall also follow the First in-First out rule like the regular group bills. Further, finalization of the Bills of Entry of Group VII assessed provisionally, will continue to be done by Group VII.

2. In the light of the aforesaid development, the Public Notice No. 06/2018 dated 26.04.2018 issued earlier by this office becomes infructuous and accordingly stands withdrawn.

All the trade association/Chamber of Commerce/Members of Regional advisory Committees and Customs House Agents Association are requested to publicize the contents of this Trade Notice among their members/constituents.

[C.No. VIII/ICD/TKD/Tech/44/2017/6998 to 7005 dated 10.05.2018]