Email Based Enquiry Facility Extended for Balance in Running Bond and Profile for Status Holder at JNCH

The following Facility Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 3rd February 2010.

[Customs Facility Notice No. 08 dated 3rd February 2010]

Sub: Enquiry of Bond Balance and Profile of Status Holder through auto e- mail.

The attention of all exporters, importers, Custom House Agents and members of Trade and all other concerned is invited to Facility Notice No.41/2009 dated 11.07.2009 vide which e-mail based enquiry facility for ascertaining the status of the following was conveyed:

(i)   All categories of Bills of Entry (B/E);

(ii)  IGM details (IGM);

(iii) All categories of shipping Bills (S/B) i.e :

(1)   Transmission status of DEPB S/Bills to DGFT;

(2)   Status of Drawback claims;

(3)   Drawback claims passed during last 6 months; and

(4)   Status of Shipping Bill.

2.   It has now been decided to provide the following two additional facilities for the purpose of ascertaining:

(i)   The balance of a running bond;

(ii)  The profile of Status holder/ 100% EOU who had registered with the Factory Stuffing cell of JNCH.

3.   The procedure to be followed in this regard is detailed below:

a)   All requests to ascertaining the balance of the running bond or the profile of Status holder / 100% EOU who had registered with the Factory Stuffing cell of JNCH shall be mailed to:

b)    The subject of the e-mail to be sent, specific to each category of enquiry are detailed in the col. 1 of the Table hereunder:


Subject of the e-mail:

Details in reply by auto-e-mail:

1. Bond Balance:

(a) imp:bondbal:agent:<agent code>

This will give the balances of all the running Bonds executed by the concerned.

Note: Agent code could be a Carrier Code of carrier; or Code of Shipping agent/line or IEC number of an importer/ exporter.

(b) imp:bondbal:bond:<bond number>

This will give the balance of a particular running Bond bearing the number mentioned in the subject of the mail.

2. Profile of the Status holder / 100% EOU:

com:stareou:iec:<iec number>

This will give the profile of Status holder/ 100% EOU who had registered with the Factory Stuffing cell of JNCH.

4.   The reply to the enquiry mail would be auto-generated. In order to obtain the reply through auto-email the format of the subject should exactly match as specified at Col No. 1 of the Table. No extra space should be inserted. The status/information sought would be sent as an attachment through auto-email, to the e-mail id from which the request had originated.

5.   The importers / exporters / CHA are advised to convey the details of the discrepancy noticed, if any, immediately on receipt of such details against their respective agent code or IEC, to facilitate the department in initiating suitable action. They are also requested to undertake such exercises periodically to see that there is adequate balance in their Bond, so that there would not be any hindrance to their subsequent transactions/operations.

6.   In case of any problems, importers/exporters/CHA are advised to contact the AC/DC (EDI) or the Systems Manager JNCH or send an e-mail to, for clarification.

7.   The contents of this notice may please be brought to the knowledge of all the importers/exporters and representatives of the trade for their effective use.

F.NO. EDI-24/2007 JNCH