No Physical Signature of Customs Officials Required in Documents

[Public Notice No. 09 /2018 dated 18.05.2018]

Subject: Dispensation of signature of Custom officers on documents post clearance of import consignment and implementation of E- Sanchit -regarding.

Kind attention of the Importers/Customs House Agents/Customs Brokers/ members of Trade are invited to facilitation in respect of clearance of import consignment.

2. The practice of manual signature of Customs officers on out-of-charge documents, detachment process and scanning has been dispensed with at this port as the SSOID of the officers giving out of charge is already indicated in the bill of entry and the custodian CONCOR in any case relies on the message of OOC exchanged in the EDI System for issuing gate pass.

3. Further attention is invited to the mandatory implementation of E-sanchit w.e.f. 01.04.2018 and reference to Para 8 of the CBEC circular No. 40/2017 which states that all supporting documents to the DGFT Licenses shall be uploaded digitally including those documents that must be presented in hard copy. For supporting documents, where a debit of quantity /value is required to be made on hard copy, for every subsequent Bill of Entry filed for import, the latest debit sheet shall be uploaded. The original scrips, licenses, etc shall also be required to be produced in shed for debiting before out of charge of imported goods.

All the trade association/Chamber of Commerce/Members of Regional advisory Committees and Customs House Agents Association are requested to publicize the contents of this Trade Notice among their members/constituents.

[C.No. VIII/ICD/TKD/Tech/111/2017/8500 to 8519 dated 18.05.2018]