Re-Export Clearances under ATA Carnet Detail Format

[Customs Public Notice No. 101 dated 8th October 2010]

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House on 8th October 2010.

The goods imported under ATA Carnet are exempted from payment of duty as specified in Notification No. 157/1990 dated 28.03.1990-Cus. In this regard, Public Notice No. 39/1990 dated 02.05.1990 has been issued by New Custom House, Mumbai, prescribing the procedure to be followed for clearances under ATA Carnet, and the same was adopted in this Custom House.

2. At present, the clearances under ATA Carnet are being done at various CFSs wherein the goods are presented for examination. To have a proper central mechanism to monitor the clearances and to ensure that the goods imported under ATA Carnet are exported within the prescribed time limit, it has been decided that henceforth details of all imports under ATA Carnet shall be entered in the register to be maintained in the Office of DC/Docks (Admn.). The format of the register to be maintained is as given below.

1. Sr. No.:

2. Name of the Importer:

3. Carnet B/E No. & Date:

4. Description of the goods:

5. Value:

6. Supplier/Country of Origin:

7. Name of the Organizing Agency/Place of Exhibition:

8. Ref. File No. and Date of ITPO Certificate/ Approval Letter:

9. Signature and Name of the Officer Authorizing Clearance:

10. Actual Date of Exportation:

11. Port from which Exported:

12. Exportation Voucher/Shipping Bill No. & Date:

13. Details of Demands issued, if not exported/ sold:

14. Details of Recovery, If Any:

15. Remarks:

3. The examination of the consignments under ATA Carnet shall be carried out in the respective CFS where the goods have been presented only after ensuring that the relevant data is entered in the centralized register. The Serial Number of the Entry Register shall be indicated on the copy of the Carnet BE retained in the CFS and the same shall be forwarded by the respective officer to the Office of DC/Docks(Admn.). DC/Docks(Admn.) shall monitor the closure of such Bs/E within the time limit as specified in Notification No. 157/1990-Cus.

4. The members of the trade/importers under ATA Carnet are accordingly informed that the proof of re-export should be submitted in the time limit specified in the said notification. In case the proof of re-export is not submitted within the specified time limit of six months from the date of import, then steps to recover customs duty leviable as on the date of import shall be taken as per Notification No. 157/1990.

5. Any difficulty noticed in implementing this Public Notice may be brought to the notice of undersigned.

F.NO. S/22-GEN-194/2010 AM(IMP)