Payment of Project Imports/EPCG Duty through Reward Scheme Scrip Facilitated for Multiple Items

[JNCH Public Notice No. 104-2020 dated 08.2020]


Subject: ICES Advisory 10/2020 (Project Imports) - Option to debit duty through Duty Scrip for Project Imports Bills of Entry

Attention of all the Stakeholders, Importers, Exporters, Customs Broker and General Trade is invited to the JNCH Public Notice No. 54/2017 dated 14.06.2017 regarding introduction of “Project Import Module” in ICES at JNCH.

1. Online registration of Project Imports was introduced vide above mentioned JNCH Public Notice dated 14.06.2019 along with automatic debiting of Project Import license, a scheme code ‘PI) was associated with it. One item cannot have more than one license in a Bill of Entry. Consequently, use of any other duty debit license like SHIS, MEIS etc., was being restricted in the System for Project Import since the declaration for items would be filed with Project Imports license number registered in the System.

2. Provision has been made in the System to allow use of duty debit scrip for a Project Import Bill of Entry based on the representations received from Trade. The option for paying the duties through scrip for Project Import has been given under ‘DEPB License Management’ in the APR role. There is an option ‘Pay Proj. Imports/EPCG’ which is to be used for this purpose.

3. The importer or the Customs Broker is required to file Bill of entry while quoting the Project Import License number for every item as is being done now. Once B/E is filed, the importer/CB can approach the Assessing Group before duty payment giving the details of the duty debit scrip they wish to use along with the amount of duty they wish to pay through the scrip. The officer can use the above option to enable duty payment through the given scrip and the duty challan would get revised accordingly for the remaining amount, if any.

4. This Public Notice may be considered as Standing Order for officers and staff of JNCH.

5. Difficulty, if any may be communicated to Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Group VI, JNCH on e-mail ID CUS.GRP6MUMBAI2@ICEGATE.GOV.IN.

F. No. S/26-Misc-214/2020-21/Gr VI/JNCH Date: .08.2020