Samples Testing Laboratories Enlarged

[CBIC Circular No. 11 /2018-Customs dated 17 May 2018]

Subject: Forwarding of samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories

I am directed to refer to the Board Circular No. 43/2017-Customs dated 16th November, 2017 on the subject above cited wherein a list of items and corresponding testing laboratories was annexed where samples could be tested from the identified list.

2. In addition to the existing list of laboratories provided in Annexure to abovementioned Circular, CRCL has identified some more entities annexed herewith as Annexure, where the samples could be tested.

3. Principal Commissioners/ Commissioners of Customs are requested to issue suitable Public Notice to bring the same to notice of all concerned.

4. Difficulty faced, if any, may be brought to the notice of the Board.


F. No. 401/243/2016-Cus-III