Shipping Lines asked to Use SEZ Codes instead of “Local” Codes

[Customs Public Notice No. 115 dated 8th September 2011]

Sub: Transhipment of cargo from Gateway port to EPZs and SEZs.

Attention of all Steamer Agents/ Shipping Lines, Importers, Custom House Agents, CFS Operators / Custodians, Main Line Operators (MLO) is invited to the provisions of the section 30 of the Customs Act, 1962 regarding filing of Import General Manifest before arrival of vessel.

2.  The imported cargo unloaded at a port is allowed to be transshipped to another port/ICD/CFS/SEZ of a port abroad, if the cargo is mentioned in the import manifest for such transshipment. It has been noticed that in case of SEZs cargo, the Steamer Agents/Shipping Lines are mentioning the same as Local item and is being transshipped to concerned SEZs.

3.  This Custom House has successfully migrated to ICES v 1.5 from the month of April’ 2011. In ICES v 1.5, all SEZs codes have been provided by the Directorate General of Systems, New Delhi. In respect of SEZs cargo, all Steamer Agents, Shipping Lines are required to file Import manifest with specific SEZs codes provided in the System instead of ”Local” as is being filed at present.

4.  In case, if henceforth such SEZs goods are filed as Local item while filing Import manifest, necessary amendment regarding change of destination code is required to be done from “Local” to specified “SEZ” with immediate effect.

5.  Any difficulties in implementation of said Public Notice should be brought into the notice of undersigned.

F.No.S/3-Gen-563/11 Imp. Noting