Batch Office in Mumbai will Handle Pets Import, UAB Clearance not Necessary

[Air Cargo Complex, Sahar Customs Public Notice No. 118/2020 dated 07.09.2020]

F.No. S/3-MISC/133/2020/GEN-BATCH


Subject: Revised Procedure for the Clearance of Pets/Live Animal.


7. In order to streamline the clearance of live animals/pets (only dogs and cats) as prescribed above by the CBIC in terms of Circular number 35/2020-Customs dated 10th August 2020, the following are advised for import of live animals and import/re-import of pets (only dogs and cats) by the passengers intending to avail Transfer of Residence (TR) benefits in terms of Baggage Rule, 2016.

7.1 Presently, while import of live animals under DGFT license, as commercial import, is to be done from Batch Office, import/re-import of pets (only dogs and cats) is to be done through UB centre as unaccompanied baggage.

7.2 However, it has been observed that at Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai, there have been few instances of clearance of pets through General Batch office, erroneously declaring the same as commercial import. Custom Brokers are advised to strictly ensure that such mis­declarations are not made.

7.3 In order to obviate the fell difficulties being faced by the importer/Customs Brokers in clearing the pets through UB centre, which does not function on 24x7 basis, it has been decided that henceforth all  clearances for the pets import/ re-import (only dogs and cats), otherwise permitted in terms of this Public Notice, shall be handled by the Batch office, which functions on 24x7 basis, with Customs officers posted in the Batch Office being empowered to perform such function through a separate Standing Order.

7.4 Further, in order  to ensure clearance of pets with minimum consumption of  time, upon their arrival at the Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai , it impressed upon the Customs Broker to inform the Batch Office in advance regarding arrival of pets with requisite details, and file the required Baggage Declaration Form (BDF) electronically as per the Baggage Rules 2016 at the earliest.

[Click here for full text of Circular number 35/2020-Customs dated 10th August 2020 (DINDEX Code 11538)]