Improving Security Measures in the CFSs Premises

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 16th September 2011

[Customs Public Notice No. 121 dated 16th September 2011]

Sub: Improving security in the premises of CFSs.

In the backdrop of deteriorating security environment, Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai II held a meeting with all the representatives of the CFS on 14.09.2011 and discussed the various measures for upgrading the security of the CFS.

2.It has been decided that the CFS should take up the following security measures immediately:-††

i.††† Regulate the entry of persons:

         Photo I-Card may be issued to all concerned i.e. staff, labour by the CFS

         All the person entering into the CFS should display their I-Card at the gate as well as throughout their stay in the CFS.

         Gate Register/Visitor Register should be strictly maintained by the CFS.

ii.†† Regulate the entry of vehicle.

         CFS should take the photocopy of license of all the truck / lorry drivers entering into the CFS and retain the same for some time.

         CHAs should be asked to give the nos. of the trucks and driversí particulars entering on their behalf.

         CFS should make arrangement to search all vehicles incoming/outgoing into CFS.

iii.Separate Internal Security Arrangement

         CFS should make arrangement for effective security system for receipt, storage and clearance of bonafide cargo.

iv.Installation of CCTV camera in all common/public places.

         Senior Officers of the Customs visiting CFS should not only sensitise the staff about security but also monitor the CCTV footage.

3.Apart from these measures, the CFS should sensitise and train their staff / labourers about the various security measures. Further, the CFS should explore the possibility for installing system to facilitate the use of Smart Card in future as proposed by BCHAA.

4.Any difficulties experienced in this regard may be brought to the notice of undersigned immediately.†††††

F. No. S/5-Gen-48/2011 CFS M. Cell