Contractors Police Verification Reports at Private Terminals Required by 30 December 2010

[Customs Public Notice No. 122 dated 1st December 2010]

Sub Information regarding Ground Handling Operators.

It is brought to the notice of all Container Freight Stations and Port Terminal Operators operating within the jurisdiction of Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House that they should invariably verify the antecedents of the Firms including its Proprietor/ Directors / Partners or owner of the firm or company as the case may be before awarding any contracts to them for receipt, storage, delivery, dispatch or otherwise handling of imported goods and export goods. For this purpose a Police Verification report must be obtained from Police Stations confirming that these persons do not have any criminal cases pending against them. The police verification has become necessary in view of reported involvement of some of the directors of a firm engaged in providing such services in criminal activities.

2. All Container Freight Stations and Port Terminal Operators are further directed to obtain the police verification report from all existing contractors engaged in above mentioned activities.

3. A compliance report is required to be forwarded to this office at the earliest but not later than 30.12.2010, failing which action under the Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations,2009(as amended) shall be initiated.