Norms Details of Advance Authorisation in Minutes Must be Completed to Enable Others to Avail Ad hoc Decision

[Policy Circular No. 14/2015-2020 dated 27.12.2018]

Subject: Preparation of Minutes of Norms Committees (NCs).

The ad-hoc norms fixation procedure by Norms Committee (NC) in 0/o DG FT has been reviewed in the meeting held under the chairmanship of DGFT on 30.11 .2018 and the following has been decided for compliance:

The minutes of Norms Committee should be self-contained, as far as possible. In the minutes, (i) export item(s), their ITS(HS) code(s) - as far as feasible, Quantity, UOM, FOB value; (ii) Import Item(s), their ITC(I-IS) code(s) - as far as possible, Quantity, UOM, CIF value needs to be indicated clearly instead of indicating as applied for. Further, in case of any amendments to ad-hoc norms for whatever reasons, complete details, as indicated above, needs to be indicated instead of indicating only the amended portion. Basic purpose of these details is to ensure transparency and usage of such ratified norms by other applicants of advance authorisatons on repeat basis.

3. This Policy circular is issued with the approval of the DGFT.

(Issued from File Number 01/94/180/334/AM 19/PC-4)