FSSAI Officers for Food at 159 (17 Airports, 80 ICDs, 34 LCS, 28 Seaports) Points of Entries (PoEs) under FSSAI Regulation 13(1) Notified

[CBIC Instruction No. 17/2024-Customs dated 5 July, 2024]

Subject: - Authorised Officers under Section 25 read with Section 47 (5) of Food Safety Standards (FSS) Act, 2006 and Regulation 13 (1) of FSS (Import) Regulation, 2017.

Reference is invited to Instruction No. 7/2024-Customs dated 01.04.2024 regarding authorized officers under Section 25 read with Section 47(5) of Food Safety Standard Act, 2006 and Regulation 13(1) of FSS (Import) Regulation 2017 and FSSAI Notifications dated 03.05.2024 and 21.06.2024 issued from File No. 1-1715/FSSAI/Imports/2017 (Pt.1) (copies enclosed).

2. It is stated that FSSAI has reviewed the Points of entry notified for food imports and vide above notifications dated 03.05.2024 and 21.06.2024 has notified Authorized Officers (FSSAI officials and Customs officials) at following 4 points of Entry in addition to 155 already specified Points of Entry for food Import:


Port Name

Port Code


Authorized Officer


Integrated Chennai Business Park (India) Private Limited (ICBPPL)- SEZ


Tamil Nadu

Dr. M. Kannan, Deputy Director


lCD Balli



Superintendent/ Appraiser/Inspector/Examiner


LCS Bhitamore



Superintendent /Appraiser / Inspector/ Examiner


LCS Sonbarsa



Superintendent/Appraiser/Inspector / Examiner

3. For the ease of reference, Updated list of 159 Points of Entry and notified authorized officers, is attached in Annexure-A.

4. It is requested that necessary action may be taken to sensitize officers under your jurisdiction regarding the said matter. The above instruction No. 07/2024-Customs dated 01.04.2024, is modified to that extent.

5. The difficulties, if any, may be brought to the notice of the Board.

Encl: as above

[F.No. 401/103/2021-Cus-III]