Low Value Postal Exports Allowed under Single Shipping Bill PBE-II for Single Payment Shipments thru e-Commerce Portals

[CBIC Circular No.18/2018-Customs dated 13 June 2018]

Subject: - Procedure for e-commerce exports through Post and clarification regarding personal imports

Circular No. 14/2018-Customs dated 4th June 2018 refers.

2. During the course of stake holder consultations held in the Board on 11th June 2018, industry represented that there are large number of cases where low-value-small-shipments, which characterize e-commerce environment, are shipped through post. In such cases, single payments are received by exporters from e-commerce portal companies through normal banking channels. It has been represented that multiple shipments addressed to multiple consignees should be permitted under Postal Bill of Export - II (Exports by Post Regulations, 2018 refer).

3. The matter has been examined by the Board. In order to facilitate exporters engaged in fulfilling multiple low-value-small-shipment orders, the Board has permitted that PBE- II may be used for this purpose. Para 4.3 of circular 14/2018-Customs dated 4th June 20 18 stands modified to this extent.

F. No. 47610212016-LC