Mumbai Customs Issues List of 778 Pending Drawback Claims

[Mumbai Customs Public Notice No. 186 dated 23rd December 2016]

Subject: Processing of old Drawback claims pending in Mumbai Port, Mumbai Customs,  Zone-I , in EDI in different Queues due to various reasons.

Attention of Exporters and all stake holders is invited to the fact that a large number of drawback claims are pending in various queues, as follows:-

(a)  Brand Rate Fixation from Central Excise.

(b)  Queries to Exporters.

(c)  EGM not filed or wrong filed/ EGM error.

(d)  ‘Suspended’ queue.

In view of large pendency of Drawback claims pending in ‘Brand Rate’ queue, on account of non-receipt of Drawback claims with Brand Rate letters ; claims pending in ‘Query to Exporter’ queue, on account of no replies from the exporters to queries in respect of the said claims ; claims pending in EGM not filed queue / EGM error queues, on account of EGM not filed or wrongly filed ; and claims pending in ‘Suspended’ queue, in absence of required information, these claims will be disposed on merits, based on records available, without any further delay.

The list of Shipping Bills in Mumbai docks falling under these four categories is put up on Mumbai Customs Website for reference of all concerned.

(A)  All claims pending in Queue for “Brand Rate” prior to Let Export Order dated 01.12.2016.

(B)  All claims pending in “Query” Queue prior to Let Export Order dated 01.12.2016.

(C)  All claims pending in ‘EGM’ & ‘EGM-error’ queues prior to Let Export Order dated  01.12.2016.

(D) All claims pending in “Suspended” Queue.

Any Exporter wishing to claim drawback from such cases at a later date may file a Supplementary Claim as per the procedure laid down in Rule 15 of the Customs & Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 1995.

In case of any difficulties, the Exporters may contact Jt. Commissioner (Export), Mumbai Zone- I or Dy. Commissioner (Drawback), New Custom House.

F.No. S/26-Misc-48/2015-16 DBK

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